A Follow Up: #BBMAs – 2018 Billboard Music Awards Dreams Come True for #DanceWithJanet Contestants LaLa Di’ore and Phillip Galbert

Rehearsals are wrapping up for Janet and the Billboard stage is set for Janet and the stars tonight as she receives her Billboard Icon Award-in addition to the Design of a Decade star performing on national television for the first time in almost a decade.

Lives will be had tonight and dreams realized for two lucky contests of the 75,000 that auditioned for the #DanceWithJanet competition.

If you remember, OtherSideoftheFame told you about Lala Diore of Birmingham, Alabama who to it to the streets to film her audition tape.

lala di'ore.png

Check that story out here.

Fast forward.


Starting lineup: LaLa, 26, along with Phillip Galbert, 28, of New Britain, Connecticut are the two lucky contestants [chosen for the Billboard string] of performances of the many that too will get their chance to hang with Janet and her dancers this summer on tour and festivals.

https://app.asana.com/0/32923395333443/677255483392129/f Janet Jackson – Billboard Magazine Credit: Miller Mobley


Check out the clip from our friends at People showing Sadistic, Sneaky, Several-Faces Sandy Jan deliver the news to the heart-pumping contestants who stood frozen waiting on the bottom line.

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Well as you can see, that bottom line turned out to be bottoms up for the two who fell to their knees to learn that they would be first out the gate of the 75,000 contestants to hit the stage at tonight’s Billboard Awards—living out their dream of performing with Janet.

What a treat for them both!


Author: Angela Sherice