BALTIMORE RIOTS Cont’d: Rioters, Looters, Donald Trump, Peaceful Protests–And Concerned Moms Intervening

By now you’ve heard about the remnants and rioting run amok as a result of the repeated black males being killed at the hands of police officers. Right above this post and just below the carousel, alongside of the circus of celebrity, Other Side of the Fame is dedicated to doing our best to keep you abreast the real world, real people with real issues of the people in the world, too. Via #OSFChannel2 “Our World and the People of It” the issues surrounding the riots and how it began (along with video footage) can be found here.

Although much of the city of Baltimore is choosing deal with the recent murder of Freddie Gray in their own way (and not hanging around awaiting a verdict for yet, another cop/s to get walk free), aside from the looting, the Donald Trumps, peaceful protests, and even the rioting; there are some concerned parents taking action against their young men involving themselves in the mayhem:





That’s the mom…and then..there’s “The Donald:”



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