The President & The Popstar: BEYONCE – OBAMA Affair Rumors Sweep the Internet Straight from France

If it is true that life imitates art, then this next story would certainly be proof of a real-life scandal of a cheating president is creating a lil’ action way beyond the lights and camera (unlike “Scandal’s” president on television).

th (13) The rumor-mill is a-buzz about an alleged affair going on/having gone on between pop powerhouse Beyonce Knowles and President Barack Obama.

How The Rumor Got Started:

images During an interview given by a “well-known connected” French photographer named Pascal Rostain, he was quoted as saying: “You known at this time, [in the] the United States, there is something big happening. Anyway…it’ll go out Tuesday in the Washington Post [newspaper]. We cannot say that it is the gutter press…a story about an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyonce…I can assure you that the world will be talking about it.”

pascal  To further add to his claim [of the alleged affair] Rostain wanted to remind us all about truth being stranger than fiction, as times past would have it: “We should not forget Marilyn [Monroe], or Monica Lewinsky. You can be the president of the first world power – that doesn’t make you any less a man” [being a ‘man’ who’s gonna be a “man”].

What Happened Next:

frenchnewspaper Rostain’s claims were heard by a very well-respected and widely distributed French newspaper Le Figar, which, in turn; lead to a media explosion.

Vanity Fair France’s rep stated however: “It is safe to say we are not pursuing any such story,” adding [while speaking with]: “it’s definitely not true.”

By Monday afternoon, Rostain ceased to insist-and had reportedly “backed away” [from his assertions].

If You’re Intrigued By Things With Which To Build Conspiracy Theories:

download  th (20)  This bombshell leaked over to the U.S by the French media, comes out on the heels of, and as a kind of segue of The Post having published a story about French president Francois Hollande, who, himself is knee-deep in scandal where, he recently ended a longtime relationship with France’s unofficial First Lady: a journalist by the name of Valerie Trierweiler-after reports had surfaced about his affair with a French actress.

But a spokesperson for The Post, quickly denied talk that the traveling rumor about our president [Obama] and popstar [Beyonce Knowles] was about to drop here in the U.S.

President and Mrs. Obama, recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

And Beyonce and her husband: (rapper, Jay Z) will celebrate their sixth anniversary this coming April [4th].

Last month, Beyonce performed at First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash at the White House (see Other Side of the Fame’s write-up on that here).


I don’t dismiss and vehemently defend something that’s possible, and very well could be true. Socially-out in the world, I’d rather just say “I don’t know” and stay mum. True or no, I’m more amazed at the number of people in social, radio, and television media that will scream and defend: “That’s not trueeeeeeeeeee!” …as if two adult people (who are often in the same vicinity) couldn’t have possibly had an affair (despite the fact of what otherwise seemingly be barriers that cross all moral, presidential, and social boundaries: a married president and a popular superstar who’s married to popular rapper).

To not have the facts to determine whether true or no; to vehemently defend it as not being true is just as ignorant to vehemently defend believing it is true-either way.

I blog, and am a bit apprehensive about the more serious or domestic stories that come through. And this story could, or could not be serious and could very well affect a lot of lives now or later (Or who knows? Maybe nothing else will ever become of it at all), either way, Beyonce is no mere American Idol contestant and Barack Obama is no mere Hollywood C-list actor, either.

I blog for social media and the world over, so I am an information source.

Whether this is true or no is totally not my personal care (or concern).

My only function, interest [and care of it being true or no] is that if the sh!t hits the fan, it it’s blogged and archived at Other Side of the Fame for YOUR information, source, or point of reference-period.

In blogging, there’s: reporting a story [as if true].

There’s: reporting a story [as if false/impossible that it could be true].

And then there’s: reporting the story F.Y.I–(that’s flat out objective journalism’s duty).

So whether this story is some carefully designed rumor for an elaborate publicity campaign, whether it be a rumor derived from some kind truth, or whether it really be true; again, it’s not my personal care, or concern either way—any more than what my readers chose to do with the information [being reported all around the world].

The fact of the matter is, whether this story is a rumor started by these pics saying more than a thousand words to the eyes of, then off the tongues of French photographers and gossip columnists who leaked these rumors to the U.S or not, time will tell (or tattle tail)…



From the looks of ALL these pics, I’m guessing the cure for these types of scandals is: Give the president 50 feet and head………..NOD.

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