AVRIL LAVIGNE Startled By Unidentified Flying Object

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Human nature is a funny thing-where balance is always the key in all things yet, even when you are/do balance some things, there’s always eyes who still see one side or the other. Too much of one thing/one side, you’re condemned for not doing/being the other. Whichever side is the consensus-“the eyes” are watching: on guard to knock ya’ right back to that other being (or doing). I say: just do “you”-tunnel vision.

Take for example Avril Lavigne.

avrillav Avril stepped on the scene dishwater blonde, rebellious, absolutely refusing to bleach-blond and dainty herself out like her competition (at the time): avri the “Britney’s” and “Christina’s” and such av (she gave in much later-when it didn’t matter anymore: the pressure to follow suit in having that look and persona).

  slide_317757_2929394_free   At any rate, we grew to love Avril as being uniquely “Avril” and of course I did. No one slips past my musical savvy and eye with lyrics like: “Life’s like this you: You fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into: Honesty promise me I’m never gonna find your fakest-no, no, no.”   

I mean-she was in with me. I was with her! Okay?

And when she wrote “I’m With You,” as tough as nails as even I am, I confess: that song today-right now-can break me standing—(tough as nails and all).

avrill Well, Avril’s rebellious, skater-chic, tomboy persona made her seem fearless when she stepped onto the scene and it worked for her-even after such a vulnerable song.

slide_317757_2929396_free Just leave it up to “the eyes”-watching wayyy in China. She got caught slippin’–(like a girly girl).

Our source reports (first line in): “Avril Lavigne generally gives off a tough-as-nails vibe, but she’s not 100 percent unflappable.”

It is being reported that while in China the “Sk8er Boi” singer was startled by an unidentified object flying from the stage mid-song and her exit was most-stellar.

While performing in China, the “Sk8er Boi” singer became so startled by something that she fled from the stage, right in the middle of a song. Her exit can be seen at the video’s 3:54 mark singing (ironically) my favorite from her: “I’m With You.”

No one identified the object but it was determined that an overzealous fan was trying to join her for the You Tube and Instagram 15 minutes but it exactly work out like that. Her bandmates where completely startled by her exit but quickly recovered Avril and carried on. 

Source: April Sperry/Huff Post

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