AVRIL Away – Citing She’s Unwell With Undisclosed “Health Issues”

Avril and Chad

Complicated singer Avril Lavigne, married to Nickelback rocker Chad Kroeger, and too who has been M.I A since around last September, surfaced recently citing no reason in particular, or note to toll her absence other than “I’m having some health issues.”

AvrilSources say that Lavigne told a fan she was suffering from an undisclosed medical problem-what that problem was has not yet been revealed.

Rumors had been circulating that the “I’m With You” singer and her husband Chad had split up when she showed up solo at her 30th birthday party (September 2013).

Since then however, according to the Far Away rocker, nothing could be further from the truth and the two are still an item, reportedly.

Avril did ask for everyone’s prayers.

Hopefully, she will be okay.

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