AVIVA DRESCHER Legs ‘Em Have It At BRAVO’s RHONY Season Finale/Reunion


Aviva_Drescher_RHONY_Throws_Prosthetic_Leg_During_Fight_ OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME









All I know is when I see a prosthetic leg in a six-inch stiletto fly across the room in the world of reality show wrangles and ‘ratched’ness, that, for me, sets a new standard and literal meaning of ‘step your game up’ -a new high.

The Real Housewives of New York served reality show television one of the most epic season finales that I’m more than sure no other reality show [in all its ratchedness’ splendor] will ever be able to top. So save the hair pulling, spitting and knock-down drag-outs and consider your dramatics, histrionics, and theatrics, “kicked” to the curb.

If you’re one of the many that peep me, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of me talking about these ladies a time or two:











…they get it crackin’ on that show-I tell ya.

Well if you watch the show, Aviva Drescher’s flaked on many of the girls’ outings and get-togethers throughout the season. When Drescher claimed complications from asthma as being her reason for flaking out on the Kristen Taekman’s coordinated shin-dig to Montana-everyone frowned upon her one-too-may excuses as total bull$h|t.

Heather Thomson called her out on it-stating it was more than just asthma and too, along with the other girls on the show, doubted x-rays Aviva Dreshcer provided as “proof” of her condition [so as to explain her absence].

Ramona Singer then insisted Drescher’s sole reason was because she did not want to leave her husband.

From that point, Drescher brought into view-the one thing that tickles me most: The old battle with Carole Radziwill regarding her authoring her books.

Fast forward.

After being called “fake” one-time too many, Drescher insisted proving something different this time: that the only thing fake about her was this:Aviva_Drescher_RHONY_Throws_Prosthetic_Leg_During_Fight_ OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME_0

…………………Don’t ever talk to me about “keeping it real” after seeing that–that’s as…real as it gets.

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