#AutismAwarenessMonth JEREMY SICILE-KIRA: California Artist w/Synthesia Brings Your Aura To Canvas


A blind man sang it best (in one of my many faves of his):

“I’m a man of many wishes…I hope my premonition misses. What I really feel. My eyes won’t let me hide. ‘Cause they always start to cry.”


Where you quote and meme “Dream in Color,” for me: it’s literal.

As a mom of a Stevie just like Stevie-[who, although is wonderful at so many things that slow me down and bring me into world] can’t articulate himself like Stevie Wonder can, as an artist myself, I often look into his eyes and wonder about the pictures he could paint for me from behind his eyes, mind and beautiful spirit. But because we’re so close, and (because of him) I’m have the sensitivity, instinct, and 5 senses like that of a dog (so I’ve heard, *laughs out loud); I read his body language and aura so well and tend to know what he’s thinking and feeling-the parts he can’t articulate to me so well and we have our own language.

No different than a kid draws to express his/her thoughts that often speak volumes, the beauty about art is that it’s human Crayola subconscious: what we are able to recreate from our imagination or if from an attempt to replicate still life: the way we (as an individual) sees it (through color, shades, and shapes).

So whether it’s a child, an adult, or a ‘special’ child or adult; it’s always great to see into a person’s subconscious by looking at their handwriting and their art, you can tell a lot about a person’s state of mind or being by their handwriting and too, a lot about their state of mind and being by their art.

Dream in color is something 27 year-old California artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira brings to life.



Interestingly, Jeremy was stricken blessed with Synthesia, a scientifically studied condition that blends all five senses (touch, smell, sound, taste, hearing) enables him to be ables him to see a person’s aura and mood via a plethora of colors that he in turn, turns into paintings and sells.

According to our friends at People, like my son, Jeremy is not as verbal but he was able to communicate with them via email and stated:

“I see color in everything that is alive – in people, animals, plants, even butterflies. I see people’s emotions translated into color when I look at them. I see more great colors in people’s faces depending on their mood.”



Like with my son, if I’m sad, I can put his hand on my chest and cuddle with him and his eyes will move around nervously. He’s so used to me being and having the 5 senses for both of us plus having a loss of one-his strong 4 (and his being so silly sometimes) that, if I cry and place his hands on my tears, he’ll laugh—hard. It’s become a thing that makes me forget about whatever I may cry about.

He doesn’t cry tears-his mannerisms and breathing (and the way we communicate) speak for him. The rest-he can verbally tell me. But when he learned that tears mean something that derived/solicited sorrow or an expression of something needed or desired; he learned to make himself cry and stick his face out at me (and place my hands on his tears—to manipulate me when he wants something).

So when I’d say, “Stevie-I’m outside here and looking into your world and know what you’re doing to me,” he busts out laughing. Like when he first got in touch with gravity, we experience a lot of his “world” together in ways other people wouldn’t understand yet, he wonders (and doesn’t think) other people feel and sees different than he does, sometimes. So he’ll test me (or-like gravity-he’ll test the world).

Jeremy Sicile Kira artSo when Jeremy’s mom told People that Jeremy can recognize joy, sorrow and sadness (and see it in color) and wondered if other people see things the way he does, I totally understood that.

To begin creating for his clients, Jeremy meets with them (or if they are too far away, he Skypes with them in order to read their colors) and then after a few weeks at finish, he sends the paintings off to them

“I can make people happy with my art and I just feel grateful to have a way to give back to the world of people around me. I hope the recipients feel happy about their life and greatly feel and realize they are beautiful on the inside as well as outside.”

In celebration of Autism Awareness Month, Jeremy’s first solo art exhibit (Inner Dimensions) will be held beginning April 11, in San Diego, California. Jeremy hopes to sell enough paintings (which range from $175-1,800) to one day become self-sufficient.



“I see beautiful colors in my dreams and I wanted to see that beauty in real life. Painting calms me. I love the movement of the brush. It’s like a musician truly playing a beautiful instrument: both have great melodies.”

He adds:

“Painting is a release for me.”

So true Jeremy.

So true-for people like you and for people like me.



Artist atop OSF big screen: 311 Song title: Amber (Is The Color of Your Energy). One of my faves.

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