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{AngFrankPodcast Show} How To Emotionally Detach from FWB Who Spoils But Won’t Communicate

A FWB situation can be complicated when one party develops feelings while the other enjoys the benefits–and shows no interest in anything but.
For the woman in receipt of the “benefit”, the important thing is the keep the main thing the main thing: The Benefit. Not romance the “benefit”, especially if-for the man involved-the benefit (of “spoiling” you) is no sweat off his pockets and bank account. 

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} Women vs. Men: The ORIGIN of Reciprocity of STANDARDS

The newest Internet subject set ablaze is the reciprocity of standards of lists of relationship “must haves” as demanded by women who, according to some, should also possess or be able to obtain these things themselves. While, generally speaking, that is the question that’s not being answered is the biggest picture: The origin/where this notion is derived, and what, if any, are the exceptions.
On this AngFrankPodcast, I get from the top to the bottom of it.

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{AngFrankPodcast Show}: What To Do When He Follows IG Girls & Pornstars

The digital age of the sex industry is different than the days of old. In the days of old, wives…