Authentic Advertising: FIJOLES & FRESCA’S TACO’s Turn Robbery Video Into Commercial

You want fame?

Well fame costs. And right here is where you starrrrrrrt paying playing:

When you talk about turning a negative to a positive, this is the next best example that you will ever get as a visible analogy.

tacos4Las Vegas taco restaurant Frijoles and Fresca’s Tacos was robbed one night and rather than merely turning the tapes over to the authorities to run yet, another redundant robbery story during their drive-time television programming spots, they decided to get creative: by running it as a commercial!

download (26)While camera angles in and around the building recorded the robbers from the point of breaking in, through to the details that happened while inside; (complete with salsa music playing in the background) the company took it upon themselves to sorta narrate the robbery video-by not actually presenting it as a robbery, but as a mere commercial demonstrating some guys’ late night hunger for their tacos and since they were not open, they made their way in the rogue way: By breaking and entering: Breaking the doors with a rock (and entering like the bandits they were).

Titled, “These Burglars Just Want Tacos,” the creative restaurateur superimposed commentary over what is an obvious robbery yet, much to the television commercial’s delight; made like the robbers were making off with fulfilling their hunger for late night tacos from Frijoles.

Towards the end of the robbery video (showing what their actual mouth-watering tacos look like), the caption reads: “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people do. They ARE pretty amazing.”

The end however, is where sh/t gets real: The captions freeze shot pics of the robbers and list their contact info and other details about the robbery. Wow! This was imaginative marketing at its finest and certainly breaks the mold of traditional advertising.91e3504ebec37e7dd73bbd21863d4a20


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