“Aunt Viv” JANET HUBERT Considers JADA PINKETT SMITH’s Boycott ‘Karma’ For WILL SMITH Reads JADA Riot Act + (Update: Jada & Will Speak)

Well J. Cole’ll certainly give us a visual to remember the next time we crank on the radio to hear him rap the line of his current hit:

I want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love. That Jada and that Will love

…as, there’s certainly no love CZDGek1U0AAE5xObetween Aunt Viv and Jada and Will, love.

download (3)Janet Hubert who played the sitcom’s later season’s “Aunt Viv” on the hit sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” starring Will Smith has some words for her former tv nephew and his wife: actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

As we reported, Jada is boycotting the Oscars due to lack of people of color not being represented (or presented) with any awards for the upcoming shin dig because none were even so much as nominated.

Now although one of those snubbed from the lineup of nods in non other than her very own husband Will Smith, Jada doesn’t single him out as her sole reason for boycotting the Oscars.

Regardless of Jada’s reasons, Janet Hubert a.k.a  “Aunt Viv” aint buying it either way and didn’t hesitate to step right up and in on Jada’s parade



jadaboycottoscars2016-500x579…reminding her of what she referred to as “karma”-where she mentions remembering asking Will to use his power and influence of the show as the show’s star-to back she and the cast up on a threatened walk out or strike if increase in pay demands weren’t met (like what worked like magic with the “Friends” cast in the late 90s).

Just a little pop culture rewind what Hubert meant by that:

The “Friends” cast, an all-American, all-white cast of young actors (who had a successful succession of seasons that ran in the mid 90s into the millennium) had walked into the executive offices as a unified front and demanded more pay—and got it.

This method of madness sent shockwaves throughout the acting community and actors like Jorga Fox and George Eades of the popular hit tv show CSI Vegas tried it and got told to haul ass (and if I’m not mistaken-eventually fired or the show went away soon thereafter).

So obviously, in listening to “Aunt Viv’s” gripe about ‘karma,’ what she’s saying is that Will played her like he was okay with what he was making and damned what, if anything she was not making close to it. Either way, sounds as if she knew that if anybody could make such a demand happen (being the star of the show)-he could do it (and get it): for himself and the entire cast (but didn’t).

Hubert, a dancer and actress who says she is blacklisted from Hollywood (and urges no one to risk being blacklisted by joining Jada), feels that

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