AUGUST ALSINA Reveals Sight Loss in Left Eye + He’s Battling Blindness

R&B singer August Alsina took to his social media account and revealed something unusual and quite alarming: He’s battling blindness.

The crooner revealed that he has “this eye disease” where currently-he is blind in his left eye and (at the very moment in time of the picture) is having painful surgery-in an effort to try and save his sight.

As well, the crooner made mentioned how he’s gained a newfound perspective on taking for granted-the things we have [that others could be fighting for]: e.g., the gift of sight.

Thank God the OG for allowing me to see…The good the bad the ugly, I‘m just glad to see,” expressed August.



Trivia: Which pop megastar’s biggest fear + hope that his children would have 20/20 vision over worrying about any other health concern or issue?

Answer: Michael Jackson.

Having a “Stevie” myself who, like “The Stevie” with the same condition as Stevie Wonder, and through life-have seen many a people stand behind and over him (just like Michael is doing Stevie in this picture), I often wonder if Michael’s concern (later in life) about how precious the gift of sight is—if it was this picture that stuck with him and if this was the moment in time he valued the gift of sight.

Stevie and Michael.

For various surreal reasons, I stare at this picture a lot. And I’m often mesmerized by Stevie’s genius and talent, inspired by his quality of life (and tickled by his humor), through it all.

He’s enigmatic to me and I’ve always wanted to meet him-I have so many questions.

My Stevie, The Stevie, and people like the Stevie’s humble me and turn me on to another side of the right kind of “world”-a world were, when one of 5 senses are missing or some part of quality of life is being compromised-the will to still live and deal is apparent.

I was a major fan of Blind Fury (discovered during a BET rap battle in 2011 which landed him this spot on the coveted BET Awards’ rap cypher):


I’m a champion for people still inspired to carry on despite their major obstacles that like Alsina-feel people take advantage of every day.

Those people, to me, are the real superstars of the world: doing it [not necessarily for money, fame, or attention] but doing it despite odds: the moment when that becomes a natural, and apparent fight or flight reason, first.

Good luck to August and well wishes for him.




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