ARSENIO HALL to KANYE: Don’t Muddy My Waters! Mister: ‘Jesus Walks’ (on Water).

Kanye-West-Rant_taylor  Well, since the beginning of Kanye’s time (in the limelight), we’ve all become accustomed to Kanye’s candid “rants” that could happen at any moment time: mid-awards show, in the middle of someone else accepting their own award, social media, mid-concert, mid-television interview, mid-radio interview, during a public service benefit—anywhere-at any moment in time: unplanned, unrehearsed, and no holds barred.

Well, typically, all Kanye’s so-called “rants” (for which he hates ‘em being called but has yet to give us another word for) are between Kanye and the goings on in his head and heart. And the only name-drops he usually does are just that: from his own thoughts and feelings about certain things that he wish could be different, feels should be different, or he feels should be called out on.

This well-known and well-documented way about him eventually began to catch up with his talent and although it hasn’t overshadowed his talent as yet, it’s running neck and neck with it and soon will be if he doesn’t learn to bend it like his other industry cohorts do: “act famous” and “pretend” by following their publicist’s script-down to the letter.

ArsenioPointingWell, in an “open letter” of sorts (via video) that’s making its rounds all over the Internet, talk show host: Arsenio Hall (who just recently re-launched his career and talk show) thought it best to pull a “Kanye” on Kanye: Without warning, he replied back to a line Kanye made in the middle of one of his many “rants” in which he (Kanye) stated in a recent a radio interview [with radio’s “Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club ” ‘s  Angela Yee, Charlamagne, and DJ Envy]:

Kanye-breakfast-club-AngelaDJEnvyCharlamagne KanyeAtBreakfastClub“…use my voice, but what happens if y’all don’t buy no other albums? Then that voice, people gon’ say: ‘aw he like Arsenio Hall, and he was turning up too much and now you’ fired.’ But when you got money. C’aint nobody fire you.”

Arsenio Hall (a comedian by nature, trade and talent, an actor by command, and talk-show host by demand and re-demand); wanted to let Kanye know not to “muddy his waters” before it’s time [with his un-researched and non fact-checking commentary when interjecting comparisons of his own experiences and plight].

ArsenioAsserting Hall fired back: “…like usual, Kanye’s premise confuses the facts…so then therefore, everything else after that gotta be thrown out.” THE AUDIO: [Crowd laughs. Arsenio shrugs].

Well, like we say here at Other Side of the Fame: We at Other Side of the Fame not only have a policy (for our near future contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know? So I preface what I’m about to say by stating this [in summarizing the rest of Arsenio’s reply on the 2:05 video]:

ArsenioExplaining While he understands Kanye’s fervor and passion, the fact of the matter is this one fact: At the end of the day, they (he and Kanye) are entertainers in show business, not doctors, lawyers, professors or doctors at “Johns-Hopkins,” or other professions in which their job is intended and can literally save a life. So in saying that, Hall asserts that sometimes [“we”-in entertainment] can take ourselves a little too serious [in ways that we shouldn’t when it comes to our pride, image, and egos]…And when [we] do that, we can come across militant and rebellious in ways far beyond what our professions are called for [and are intended to do].

Arsenio also asserted (and wanted to make it very clear to Kanye and those who heard the interview), that he was not fired or forced out of his show, he voluntarily left [The 90’s, popular, Arsenio Hall Show] . He joked: “I know what you heard in the barber shop.. but I just left my show! The white man did’en do nu’eh’nis time. Save that for when the white man-do-DO some’n. Don’t muddy the waters of racism with my bullsh!t because it was not racism, it was not a plot.

After Hall’s comedic response he made it clear that there’s no struggle ‘round his neck of the woods, and he just doesn’t like to be put into those kinds of conversations. His “struggle” was way back in his Cleveland ghetto—even before the 90’s.

Hall then [took a jab?] or shall we say, (while he was at it) and wanted to offer Kanye West (the songwriter of a song called “New Slaves”) a little indirect advice [and shed a little light?] on the irony of his rebellious industry fight on [what he perceives to be racism]: “I-I hate the word ‘slaves’ used in songs. Get the f—k outta here. You know? Do you know what that word is? Do you know what that word’s all about? Nobody can use the word “slave” in pop culture! If you’ IN the music business you shouldn’t f—k with that word. Too serious an error. Too serious a problem in America. Using the word ‘slave’ in pop culture…there’s no one free to move around this country that should use the word: ‘slave.’ Do you know what it meant to SLAVES!?

If you remember, we reported yesterday that Kanye took yet, another moment, out of his concert time to speak to his audience about his displeasure with not being nominated for “Album of the Year” and that he could give two f—ks about being nominated for a predominately black category (a “rap” category) and as well, for his one song off that album ironically called: “New Slaves.”

Kanye West In true Gemini fashion, Kanye wanted to let the U.S Recording Academy know that they weren’t slick with their backhanded, back-door style of industry racism by handing him nods for those two (Raced themed? Raced related? Black Category?) categories, yet, snubbed him in a category where he would be up against other white artists [for “Album of the Year”].

ArsenioPeaceSignWell, West and Hall have both spoken for now. kanye_

In the words of Kanye himself: “Wait a minute, wait a minute, Let me finish.”

Well, with this story, we are [finished]. But if there is anything else to report, stay tuned. We at Other Side of the Fame KEEP the G’s, and we will certainly give them to you and tell it like it’s supposed to be told-not just a report warmed over!

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