images (56)There’s “Winning”

And there’s #Winning

…depends on who you ask.

Well…I guess I should go on and give you my lil’personal philosophy and spiel, seeing as though this next story is proof of just that-serving as further confirmation of what I insist is really so [and adhere to each and every moment of my life-no matter the up or down].

I have a rule that I go by-that I apply to everything-this ONE golden rule: The only “ONE” of anything is Almighty. There is a reason why regardless ones religious affiliation there’s only one way to it/him and regardless-they’re all praying to the same [one]. And whether it be religiously or otherwise, in your personal, professional, interpersonal, or artistic life-there is never such thing as “one” thing [other than Almighty]. “Two”-going forward is our task of life, so with that said: there’s no such thing as one answer, one route, one way………….or one answer. Take for instance Arian Foster.

While one person may give you an answer of that “winning” is, the fact of the matter is-it’s not the only answer.

NCAA March Madness is upon us and what better way to kick off the festivities than to get some help with strategizing your bracket to determine who will win.

Well, #PhuckYoWinningBracket because Houston Texans running back Arian Foster’s got the better pick [of who will win]. Via Twitter, when asked the question [about who will win] he kindly replied:


There you have it. So go on with your la-di-da “winning”bracket picks. Arian knows who’s really “winning” at this game.

Proof that what one thing means to one person, means a totally different thing to another and everything about anything in life (or even a person) depends on who you ask.

Source: Andy Besbitt Fox Sports | Photo credit: Scott Halleran / Getty Images

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