Long Story About How Apple’s Simple, Big Win Against The Government May Now Be Our Big, Rotten Loss

the importance cell phones are playing in our lives today).

God forbid something unfortunate happen to us or our loved ones because even before our friends and families; strangers are typically in possession of those important devices.

Often times these strangers, nurses (or officials) have questions and need your help to help your loved one (or you)…or they are in possession of the device and can’t get in, in order to help your loved one (or you)…

When I did that write-up the other day (about Apple fighting the government’s request to get into the iPhone assigned to the San Bernardino killer) I couldn’t imagine that phone (belonging to his employer) having much information on it to they could use-but who knows?

No one knows now, or never will as, the government lost the case to forced the encryption be turned over by Apple in order for La-El-Collinsthem to unlock the phone’s code.

But what if there is information in that phone that (considering the killer’s connection to ISIS) could be the greater later savior for the rest of us? That’s something we will never know.

I knew it was more to it-this need for the government wanting to get that code to get into that San Bernardino killer’s phone and turns out, it is more to it.

Last night, I watching a news report where Dallas’ NFL player La’el Collins was under questioning last spring scouting season and (being a top draft pick contender) missed out because he had to fly back to Louisiana from Chicago for questioning involving the April 2015 shooting of a woman named Brittney Mills (with whom he was alleged to be romantically involved—as well as NFL player Shane Ray)…



la'el collins brittney millsBrittney Mills, a mother of a 10 year old, was nine months preggers (with what was believed to be La’el’s child). One fateful April evening, she opened her door to someone who had fired several shots to her torso area and killed her.

Although she died immediately, the child survived at first but soon thereafter—died.

(Sounds like the classic Panthers’ player Ray Carruth / Cherica Adams story doesn’t it?)

Read on.

Fast forward the long story short, Collins went on to eventually go pro and too, consented to a DNA test. It turned out the child Mills was pregnant with was not Collins’ child.

Although (considering his career prospect coincidence and the woman being shot in the torso), without necessarily accusing him of being involved in her death; his not being the father in no way excuses him as a prospect any more than women have lied and claimed a child was one man’s and was another man’s (child).Apple_iPhone_passcode

Not necessarily saying such was her case-even if Collins’ merely thought the child could have been his-but removing all hypothesis,’ there is ONE fact that remains: That iPhone Brittney Mills had held the answer as to who could have shot her.

Brittney’s mother knew that she kept a diary in the cell phone and told her mother that anything that happened in the day of her daily life had gone into that phone-good, bad and ugly.

One problem though: Brittney’s mother doesn’t have the code.

Collins is gone on with life in the NFL.

Shane Ray fell off radar as having been her ex.

Either way, some killer is free-Brittney Mills is dead.


Shane-Rays-girlfriend-Brittney-Mills….Somebody killed a 9-month pregnant woman is walking among us today.

Given the solid alibi Collins gave + not being the biological father of that child saved Collins’ a$s big time, I’m sure-because if that child had turned out to be his; his life would probably be hanging in the balance in a big way today.

Regardless of all that however, the 64,000 question remains: Who dunnit?

The fact that Apple wouldn’t turn over the code to the officials even back then (in April 2015—long before the December 2015 San Bernadino killings) is pretty jarring…

In this news report I watched, it came out that officials have over 60 iPhones of various people who are under the radar for possibly having molested, killed, done other committed horrendous crimes to people and walking scot-free with the answer my friend blowing in the wind pin…the answer is blowing in the pin.

So while it may seem that the San Bernardino shootings were there first we’d heard it broadcasted that Apple refused to turn over


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