APPLE Drops Without Warning: Its New 25-Hour Battery Cover

iPhone battery caseWhether you’re an iPhone user (or not), the love-hate relationship with the iPhone girth of the good and the bad expands about as widespread as its customer base who all seem to pass the same notes about where it doesn’t measure up:

  • The cracked screen (everyone with an iPhone has/has had one),
  • The horrible chargers (that have to be bought countless times during the life of the phone),
  • The battery lifetime (“crap”)

Considering the cost iPhone pays to be the boss and how much it’s bragged on, the love/hate affair with the minor, yet major necessities for use of the phone are like a lover that sat on the opposite end of it telling you all these things he/she could do and when time came to put it down …the phone (and your lover), neither measured up and cracked up to be about as ‘great’ as the phone’s screen itself: “I can’t even see [it] no more, time for a replacement.”

Well, your prayers have been answered. Reportedly, without warning, advertising or rumor, Apple/iPhone is out here in these iPhone streets making it happen for yous.

The new reveal is its Smart Batter Case (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S), ready for sale and prepared to set you back up only about

Author: OSFMagWriter

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