Apparently, It Goes Down in the P.M. As Well For ANGELA SIMMONS & Rapper YO GOTTI

As The World Turns. As the wax turns, another social media social opera “who dunnit” who’s doing it is trending right now.

As Disqualified rapper Yo Gotti would tell it, it goes down in the D.M. (social media’s direct messaging corresponding feature).

Angela and Yo GottiBut as the streets would have it, it went down in the P.M. as well—with he and Angela Simmons: daughter of legendary Reverend Run Simmons (RUN D.M.C) and niece of media and Metabank mogul: Russell Simmons, were spotted out at her charity event at a candle lit cozy table.Angela Simmons Yo Gotti thank you

It Goes Down in the D.M. is pretty much in heavy rotation on your local urban radio station but out here in these Internet streets, so are Simmons and the rapper-sorta.

Reportedly, the rapper turned things up on a notch on the frequency when he not only made Simmons his #WCW this past Wednesday, but all things considered, obviously the pair thought it’d be a great marketing tool to make manifest–lyrics and life of the popular, catchy, song by adhering to the “fair exchange is no robbery” philosophy.

While trying to make manifest his crush-a real thing, apparently, the rapper’s got his eye on her other goings on too, so he congratulated her on her newest business venture.

In turn, Simmons posted a picture of the flowers with a note attached by the rapper, followed by captioning the social media still

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers and supporting our @sanyarichiross venture @yogottikom .

Welp. That’s it. Just about enough to give social media something to talk about until the next fifteen minutes drives by with somebody else/s steering.


Perhaps something may blossom from this, or not, but either way but yo…Yo Gotti at least got’em a shout out from the object of conquest and lyrical affections.

Her brother JoJo and his homie Tim’s given Gotti their blessings and are in their good graces:

Jo Jo and TIm





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