Another Surprising Use For Red Lipstick!

gty_red_lipstick_jef_130506_wblogAs an art major in high school, I was micro managed and believed in on sheer personal interest in me as a young girl with extreme potential with merely a good eye for art over my pencil.

I was literally TAUGHT how to draw from the bottom-up by getting into the basic psychology of art-how to understand art from the core: color and dimension—which now, is my “specialty” [in abstract art].

Eventually, being loved and lead by the hand sent me on my way.

Well during that time, one of the first things taught to me (5th grade) was how to understand color and the color wheel.

From there, I was taught how to understand black, white, grey and how to shade and blend in order to make a drawing look 3 dimensional.

I love art,  (and surprisingly) am not much of a makeup chick myself, I DO like it—on other people.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]I love the way makeup can COMPLETELY transform a face[/clickandtweet]…but NEVER (especially considering the color aspect) have I heard tell of a red lipstick being instrumental in camouflaging dark circles under the eye.

I’m sharing this under our OSF Channel 3 for the ladies who, like me, only thought red lipstick was for your lips!

This trick is for the ladies who use under-eye concealer and thought concealer was the only truth, light and way.

Her name is Deepica Mutyala.

Enjoy her You Tube tutorial!



“I knew it was a good tip, never in my life did I think people from all over the world — 4 million people let alone — would be so intrigued by this,” Mutyala told the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday, Feb. 24.


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