{AngFrankPodcast Show}: What To Do When He Follows IG Girls & Pornstars

The digital age of the sex industry is different than the days of old.
In the days of old, wives and girlfriends probably had spats about husbands and boyfriend’s use of porn. The “good” part about that is, once the tape had run its course, show was over.

Nowadays however, sex & porn has taken new legs-wide open all across social media which too, has enabled the sex industry to step its game up in that , for the right price; you can bring “bring the experience to life.”

Considering this fact, what do you do if you find your man following pornstars of social media. In this epi of AngFrankPodcast, Ang uncovers all the particulars about why and what she would, and should happen. Tap in:



Other mentions/reference points spoken about in this podcast:

  • About RPC (Reverse Psychology Cheating)
  • At the beginning of this podcast, I touch base with my tee-shirt/merch making e-book course students awaiting it-to let them know what the status is/what’s going on. If you do not know what that course is/is about tap here.