{AngFrankPodcast Show} HALLLLP!๐Ÿฅบ I Puked While With A Guy I’m Dating Now He ‘Needs Time Alone’!

Let’s face it, we’re human.ย  Sฬธhฬธiฬธtฬธย Puke happens.

You’ve know someone for a few years and 2021 you turn it up a notch and start ‘dating.’

Should you be canceled for puking at your date’s house (after accepting an impromptu invite where you came over from out drinking with friends?)

Should he be understanding (and allow you to clean it up as offered)?

Should your puking be a deal breaker/reason to be canceled or put on ice?

Should you even be ‘dating’ some guy that “you’ve known for four years before ‘deciding’ to start dating?”

Guys make special exceptions and provisions for such situations when there’s much left to be desired or their curiosities haven’t been answered.

In addition to ingratiating yourself to him (apologizing, offering to clean it up, buy breakfast/dinner etc), if four years of knowing you already (plus whatever you’ve now ‘shared’ since “dating” him) wasn’t reason enough for the puking incident to be forgivable, should you even continue ‘dating’ this dude?

This AngFrankPodcast Show episode discuss why (or why not) + tackles those questions and more!

Tap in!



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