Will JAY Z, MADONNA, NICKI MINAJ, KANYE WEST, RIHANNA, COLDPLAY & Other Celeb’s Hi-Fi Video / Music Streaming Service ‘TIDAL’ Be All The Wave?

CBUlNZ7WgAEgkUETeals the deal:

In case you are wondering what that big teal square is making its way around the Internet and in the Twittersphere, it’s because of a 5 p.m. launch: sphere headed by rapper and business mogul Jay Z.

Acting in concert with the likes of Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, (the group) Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Usher and others (together, sharing vested interest in the venture) Tidal is projected to be the newest music and video-streaming giant available for all.


With Tidal, music lovers the world over can listen to hi-fi music streaming at Tidal.com for free for 7 whole days before paying the $19.99 monthly subscription to the streaming music service ($9.99 monthly subscription for regular, rather than hi-fi, audio quality).

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The countdown is on!

And in the next 4 hours or so (5p EST), you may log on to Tidal.com and be apart of this experience!

In the meantime, scroll up to the OSF big screen and see the video slideshow and too, go to Tidal.com to input your email addy so you can get more information about it!

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