Amid COSBY Scandal, The Ghost of LISA BONET Finally Speaks Out?

Lisa and Cosby I knew we all are curious to hear from Lisa Bonet, “Denise Huxtable” from The Cosby Show-on just what happened that caused her to mysteriously disappear from The Cosby Show, the A Different World, and from Hollywood altogether.

Denise-Cliff-Huxtable$(KGrHqR,!iIE+94pEfysBQEV5UHH0!~~60_35While rumors had been running amok that Cosby himself was displeased with Bonet for rebelliously runningrolling-stone-cover-volume-526-5-19-1988-lisa-bonet off the do her own thing: and that thing was playing a role in the movie Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke which (considering the “Huxtable” brand and notable) was a bit risqué (for Cosby’s taste approval and palette).

images (3)Opposite that, rumor had it that Bonet purposely elected to take the role—to escape the Cosby/Huxtable name altogether.

Either way, throughout her marriage and divorce with Lenny Kravitz and a whole adult girl later (Zoe)-even having moved on to a whole new relationship (with Game of Thrones’ Jason Mamoa) and two more kids since-still, we haven’t heard from the Cos or Bonet on just what happened.

It’s a mystery and $64,000 question.

images (2)Low and behold here we are years later, and Cosby’s whispers about inappropriate behavior with women [dating as far back as the 70s] have now turned to roars and on Sunday this past weekend, somebody came from behind the ghost of “Lisa Bonet” and decided to speak out too, tweeting:

According to the karma of past actions, one’s destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky,” read the Tweet, which was posted on an account using Bonet’s name. “Nothing stays in the dark 4ever!

The Twittersphere was set ablaze and all eyes were on this “Lisa Bonet,” but turns out it wasn’t thee “Lisa Bonet” (“Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show).

Her manager told People:

Lisa Bonet has no social media of any kind. Any posts made in her name were made by impersonators with unverified accounts. She also has no comment on the ongoing story.

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