AMANDA BYNES’ Vile Tweet to Rapper DRAKE Goes Down in Personal Her Hall of Shame

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rs_560x415-131207200351-1024.Amanda-Bynes-Costco-jmd-120713_copy What a difference a year can make—especially when you take a step back from an atmosphere that egged you on, cheer you on, (humiliating you secretly) and reinforced behavior that until you stepped back and re-evaluate it (often times, until that point of regroup and reflection) you wont even see yourself.

1364398863_amanda-bynes-zoom  When you are at a place where you cringe at the thought of your behavior and how you put yourself out there in ways such that where you are now-that “person” totally seemed different person; one could say that you are (now) definitely in a good place with yourself.

1373412045_169431786_amanda-bynes-560Just ask Amanda Bynes who, just over a year ago, kept the masses entertained with her antics, wigs, and especially: her rhetoric.

amanda4 It got to a point where we couldn’t tell if she was having sudden bursts of attention whoreness: starving for attention, or if she was bottom of the barrel bored, or what [when she would tweet and post pics].

amanda2  One particular tweet sent throughout the Twittersphere didn’t seem that far fetched from the same that rapper Drake probably gets; but the Amanda (now) is totally embarrassed by the Amanda (then) who sent that notorious vile, vulgar, tweet regarding the rapper that sent tongues wagging and mouths-a-laughing:

amanda-bynes-drake-twitter“I want Drake to murder my vagina.”

Of all her disrespectful, bizarre, and disturbing tweets, Bynes recollects and ranks that tweet as her “most horrible” and goes down in the hall of fame for her.

She’s redeeming herself, to herself (for herself-this time) however.

amanda3 Amanda has turned over a new leaf, literally: She no longer smokes weed and as well; has been removing a few inappropriate tattoos that she no longer wishes to have [along with removing a few people she once interacted with].

Right now, Amanda is busy in school for fashion design at FIDM Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising, and is healthy, confident, and making presentations—busy interacting with other positive things around her: egging her on, cheerleading, and reinforcing behavior that this time (now), works for her + is for her best interest.

A few days ago, Bynes was also victorious in her DUI case stemming from an incident where she was arrested amanda in April 2012 in West Hollywood and charged for failing to submit to an alcohol test at the time of her arrest, which too, resulted in her having her license suspended.

Having plead no contest to a lesser defense known as “wet reckless…” (sounds like T-shirt) however, it’s a drinking-related defense that carries with it-lesser consequences than that of DUI (kind of like some new legal “product” for sale that only rich people can buy out of I’m guessing).

At any rate, under the terms of the deal, Amanda was placed on three years probation and ordered to attend a three-month alcohol education course + pay fines.  

Click here for Other Side of the Fame’s write-ups on Amanda. We are proud of her progress and continue to wish well for her.

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Amanda Bynes speaks Tweets finally…………… but not to come out and kill time to help you pass yours, ruin her progress, and regress… So don’t get too happy just yet. Rather than to entertainment yous all day; she merely tweeted to say “hello” and mention what’s positive in her life:

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