AMANDA BYNES: Sheeeeeeeeee’s Baccccccccccccccccck…

…Well, sort of.

Just………………back to blonde (from leaving the treatment center wearing short dark hair then wearing a “Twerk Team” cap) but now…………………………………… *drumroll*

*cheesy commentator voice*




 Tuh-dah! spl671701-010

↑  That’s Amanda Bynes (yesterday: December 22, 2013).

Well, we reported to you earlier this month, that after leaving the treatment center (and having turned down Dr. Phil + Oprah for an interview) the troubled teen star was tucked away at home with her parents, safe from the cruelty and curiosities of social media and the inquiring minds of television media-healing and getting better.

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I don’t think that despite the transition (from the above shown pictures since leaving the treatment center) there should be too much to worry about-just yet because she is being looked after.

court-amanda-bynes  1373412045_169431786_amanda-bynes-560   We’re not trying to say that when she starts to wear wigs, she goes into some other personality, but as we mentioned in the earlier blog, during Amanda’s downward spiral, she went on wig + shopping sprees like being pictured here while entering court…so this new blonde wig from this look: 109937pcn-amandab (and “Twerk Team” hat in between)1386521933_spl663755_029_amanda-bynes-350

…is certainly causing brows to be raised. So shall I be the first to admit that when she starts wearing wigs, we all get a little “concerned?”

Well…let’s not all jump to conclusions all wheely-neely…perhaps she just wanted to go back to blonde from short dark hair.

At any rate.

We’ve all got our eyes on Amanda in hopes that all will continue to be well with her during her recovery.

No word yet, if Amanda has agreed to, or is in talks to talk with anybody about her ordeal and her recovery, but the moment we at Other Side of the Fame do hear anything, you will be the first to know!

Until then (like we are doing) be content with enjoying seeing her looking healthy and well-adjusted while out shopping with her parents in sunny California.

*pats your hand with a tight church-lady smile*

Eye Spied US Weekly via Rachel McGrady and E!Online via Brandi Fowler

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