Almond Milk Linked To Scurvy

Almond Milk homemade-almond-milk2For vegans the world over (even over soy) and next to pretty, bright, white coconut milk; have long held almond milk in high regard. Tasty almond milk has shown itself worthy to be served its praise and all its poured out to be but according to recent reports, the nutritious dairy alternative is under the radar of leading health researchers who are now warning parents against giving it to their little coconuts. It’s being reported that almond milk was the cause of an 11 month-old to suffer from a rare condition caused by vitamin C deficiency called Scurvy.

Although “Scurvy” instantaneously sounds like some form of fashion or a dance, it’s hardly anything but.

Femur boneIts first symptom is a fractured femur bone! Ouch!




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