Alicia Keys & Son Egypt Visit ITV Studios

Alicia Keys, a musician, a singer, wife, and mommy; is about the music.

Many artists (whether a writer, singer, or musician) tend to use the analogy dropping “our baby” when we release a project-namely because all of the life breathed into making it: the blood, sweat and the tears.

Well Alicia Keys often drops her babies during the November and December months, but this time, just recently revealed she will be dropping a baby-literally-in December confirmed Alicia, in an interview on September 3, 2014: “December album? Well, I know one thing. I’m having a December baby.

That’s right.

We were already surprised when, on July 31, the pics of her music producer husband Swizzz and Alicia (looking to be good and well into her second/third trimester) dropped on social media to their fans, who had no idea Alicia was even pregnant!


Alicia, pictured here on July 4 at the 2014 Essence Music Festival, was just past her first trimester (undetected).








Mommyhood this second time around, is a complete about-face and she’s been pretty much mum and out out of the spotlight, unlike the first time-considering the fact that we all watched her grow (all three trimesters), and even watched her continued to work

alicia_keys_long_floral_dress…and blossom right in front of the world.

download (14)Well, after some time, the private couple shared that child (Egypt) with the world who fans watched grow and love……and call by his given nickname: “Egy” (Egypt).

Egy, who will be 4 in October, born into a family of music had no choice but to be influenced.alicia-keys-son-egypt-4

He’s a little music fanatic. He has all this rhythm. He loves to dance. He can play drums. He can beatbox,” said Alicia while at an event to launch her new Givenchy perfume: “Dahlia Divin.”

images (22)She continued, “I think that you do see how just the influence of music and perhaps it is in the DNA, and perhaps it is a part of the magic of what’s inside of the parents that it’s coming through him.”





Keys’ last studio Grammy-winning album “Girl on Fire” was released in 2012. Although she is coy about dropping the date for her next “baby”, if you’re a fan, then you know it’s no secret that production on it will include work by funkuristic producing phenom Pharrell Williams, who as well, will be a judge on this season’s The Voice, premiering Monday, September 8.

Alicia did reveal this much about the album:

What I know for a fact is it’s the best music I’ve ever done in my life yet and it’s really exciting to be able to have this kind of growth, this type of opportunity. The music’s actually pretty much done already and so you’ll be hearing some of it soon.”

If you read between the lines of this write-up well, then you know that although I told you she is due in December, I purposely neglected to tell you the baby’s sex…

article-0-1F0CCA5300000578-43_634x915Well…the only other news I can offer you is that Alicia will appear as a guest mentor on The Voice and her new perfume will be available at Macy’s New York flagship store…

As for the sex of baby? Although known (by she and Swizzz), it’s top secret–not yet ready to drop that, or share it with the world as yet.


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