Alabama Cop Turns Good Sport (and Lights) on Alabama ‘Lala’ Dancing in the Street for #DanceWithJanet


Muva sang it best: “It was all just one big night out on the town….riding in your limousine. We turn right and I say wrong which brings us to a stop. As the light was changing. Oh my meter’s running so I’ve got to go now.”



Well, for one Alabama woman, one big night out on the town could have turned out completely different hadn’t it NOT been one of the good cops.

You see, for Lala Di’ore, her lifelong wish (and pleasure) was to #dancewithJanet and well, even if nothing but the principle of it all, this girl got her chance to dance for Jan—lights and pulled over by camera, action courtesy of a good-sport cop who pulled upon Lala getting filmed taking her rendition of Janet’s “Pleasure Principle” to the streets via iPhone. Director: Her homie.


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Dressed reminiscent of a young Janet Jackson stepping an old warehouse giving it the business (her fancy feet and cropped jean jacket in tow) Lala, took to the pavement and let the asphalt, and open wind be her world as a warehouse while good cop permitted her to have her personal block party to film her viral #dancewithJan



Via Facebook described how she got pulled up on:


“Officer: Mam, you can’t dance in the middle of the street –
Me: I’m sorry sir, I was just trying to shoot a online submission video for Janet Jackson
Officer: So you are risking getting hurt for this
Me: sir I really just want to get a good shot, I promise I’ll be out the way –
Officer – okay I’ll stop traffic for you and cut my lights on, show me what you got
Then this happen!!”

Lala upped the stakes on this one. We’ll have to see just who has better lighting. LoL.

But for now-with her jean jacket too-here’s Lala’s snippet of the get-down to #dancewithJanet:



Meanwhile, cheered on by some of Jan’s #StateoftheWorld dancers and Jan herself, the icon put the word out that she was looking for some hot-steppers for some upcoming projects going down this summer/2018:


Current situation: Holding auditions yesterday, tomorrow and today in L.A. while the LaLa’s and the like go viral and slay.


Janet put out her summer #StateoftheWorldTour schedule-scheduled to pick back up beginning July 2018. So get your coins together to see if she’s coming to YOUR town!



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On that note, you think this pop icon will make the ABAdd pop art abstract cut?

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Author: Angela Sherice