AKON In the Stu with MICHAEL JACKSON’s Newfound Lil’ Bro


0307-mj-b-howard-getty-twitter-3 This B. Howard / alleged Michael Jackson’s son freak show is turning out to have more th (4) twists, turns, and hangers-on coming out the woodworks and from behind it all like Richard Pryor (posing as the powerful “Wiz” in “The Wiz”) finally being found in a cold messy warehouse after all that Dorothy and friends went through to get to him to get back from him-what each already had within themselves.

0307-augie-johnson-getty-facebook-3 With the alleged “real” dad other than Joe Jackson (the real dad-we believe) having come forward to claim [like Bernie Mac in the movie “Life”]-that he’s the pappy:

…(and B. Howard playing both side-assuring him that he is his real dad) this story is turning out to have many lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my behind this wiz of a story –which is turning out to be a product of a bunch of people with no heart, no brains, and no courage-trying to click their heels and hit a home run on it all. It’s as if no one can get their hands on the money; perhaps the publicity from it all will launch a thousand careers.

030814-akon-launch-3 Take for instance “Convicted” and “Locked Up” singer Akon.

Our guys at TMZ caught up with him at LAX this past Friday “acting a tad skeptical…that the freshly-touted B. Howard, plain wrap DNA test proves he’s MJ’s long lost son. 

TMZ’s intero-vestigators that caught up with Akon stated that Akon “stokes the coals and says why he thinks it might be true.”

Turns out, Akon may very well be much apart of the other lions, and tigers, and bears with their paws in the situation and with vested interest: for, he is currently in the stu with B. Howard right now recording music.

th (2) th (3)We’re gonna go on and be diplomatic about it all and give Akon the benefit of the doubt that since once upon a time, Michael Jackson did seek him out to make music with him, he’s just returning the favor for Michael’s newfound lil’ bro [who everybody finds it more beneficial to blame the DNA on Michael, rather than Joseph Jackson].

*blows bangs*

Everybody wanna be startin’ something-got to be starting something when Michael himself sang it best: “If you c’aint feed ya baby. Then don’t have a baby. And don’t think: ‘maybe,’ if you c’aint feed ya baby.”

*blows bangs again*


Source: TMZ

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