Against All Odds & Votes Against It, The Confederate Flag is Coming Down + An Open Letter To BREE NEWSOME & JAMES TYSON

*In my Left Eye/TLC’s VH1 Behind The Music voice: “The house of hell is burrrrrrned to the ground!”


Well…tomorrow the piece of hell that for far too many years hailed and hovered over the state house in South Carolina will indeed be humbled and lowered to the ground then turned over to the military museum to begin collecting dust as an ancient artifact.

Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill to finalized the deal so much of the world can begin to heal.




And somewhere in the world Bree Newsome will be smiling with glee, at removal of a nuisance as, she was the first and only person in the U.S.of A on that June 27, 2015 day that showed an act of bravery in 3 ways, against all odds:

  • Fearlessly climbing at 30-foot pole
  • Succeeding in unlatching that Confederate flag from swinging in all its shameful glory
  • Descending with it in hand-knowing she would be walking right into an arrest yet fearlessly not knowing what it going to happen next

Tomorrow, history herstory will be made.

And although during her first television runs Bree Newsome felt like the rest of what she is going through since her show of bravery would not be televised, tomorrow, I’m more than sure it will be shown across the world that her rebellion was with cause and she got her way.

Bree Newsome: The revolution WILL be televised, against all odds.

*Respectful nod

So if I may remix one of my Phil Collins’ favorites, it’d go a little something like this:


So take a look at it now

Cause there’ll be an empty space

And there’ll be nothing left there to remind us

Just the memory of disgrace

So take a look at it now:


……..(because come tomorrow: July 10, 2015, it shall be overcome).


Let me say this last thing:

We see a lot of “fights” and “revolutions” in the form of a lot of thumb-thuggin’ across social media on a daily basis. And I’m one for doing my best to hold back on what I am not taking my FEET to actively get out there on the asphalt and do something about-because talk is cheap and easy.

Considering the information/social media age we live in, I never thought that I would see somebody really force change a 60s/civil rights type of change in front of personal media—in this day and age we live in.

To be honest, as a person who insists on transparency of human beings, it doesn’t bother me when I see a Confederate flag hanging out some man’s jeans pocket, or driving past me with Confederate tags and emblems on his vehicle, or when I drive up the highway of the road in my town-I look over to my left and see a great big barn with a near sky-sized Confederate flag covering its roof.

I need that transparency. I want to know who those people are in the world they share with me.

I don’t want to have to find out by surprise in their actions towards me in unsuspecting places when that horrible piece of cloth they where or wipe with can serve as a warning for me to go my way and respectfully allow them to go theirs.

But when it comes to that same piece of cloth representative of a sect claiming and proclaiming its superiority over other races and worshipping it as its sect’s symbol of pride in their eyes, but a symbol of hate in others’-and too, serving as a reminder of oppression and slavery that (as of recent events over the past few years)…we still shall overcome; to have that very same symbol hanging outside a state house where local and state business of “the people”–ALL American people, that is indeed unacceptable.

Because in any state, local or federal legislature/house, liberty and justice for all is supposed to be the order of business every open day it runs its business.

So when a state house can proudly display such a symbol of hate sparkling in the sun and blowing in the wind like shiny, long hair-that can be hairsplitting and quite the eyesore.

Bree Newsome did something that would have been done in a day in age that many of weren’t even born to witness.

Of all the talk, thumb thuggin’ and media television huggin’ I’ve lived to see, this moment-this act of bravery is a first in my lifetime.

Thank you Bree Newsome and James Tyson for giving this generation a peep into what REAL revolutionaries did. We hear about it. We even see it on You Tube. But we never really lived in the very time that real revolutionary history was made. (And the funny thing is: it missed my birthday by ONE day-oneeeeeeee day. God I wish you two would have done this the next day!)

But thank you.

Thank you!

P.S. It’s unfortunate that an act of terrorism on 9 people in the house of the lord sparked such a change, but the bright side is that their senseless murders was not in vain



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