After 9.5 Years and 3 Billion Miles, First Pics of Pluto Taken Yesterday

looked into venturing any farther than Mars-Earth’s closest neighbor.

Although looking to travel to distance planets is next to impossible (or safe), the fact of the matter is, devices and technology is the exception to that rule (as we just learned)!

Yesterday, a piano-sized spacecraft given the name “New Horizons” sped past Pluto to get first pictures of the icy cold planet for the first time.

This is especially exciting news as Pluto was first discovered in the 1930s by astronaut Clyde Tombaugh whose ashes were placed on the New Horizons spacecraft to pay homage to he and his efforts.

This major accomplishment to get pics of Pluto is 9 and a half years and 3 billion miles in the making.


In other fun facts about Pluto: Greek Mythology places the God of the Underworld Hades there as it being the home of the cold mythological character. As well, astrologically, Pluto is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio who, as per the personality characteristics and makeup of each sign to its planet and symbol, are representative of astrological personality characteristics believed have been associated with what that planet “represents.”

The Sun = Leo (not a planet- but a star- the largest star in the celestial bodies)

The Moon = Cancer (not a planet–associated with spirit and intuition )

Mercury = Gemini (partially Virgo)

Venus = Taurus (partially Libra)

Earth = (we terrestrials plants, animals, humans)

Mars = Aries (and partially Scorpio)

Jupiter = Sagittarius (partially Pisces)

Saturn =Capricorn (partially Aquarius)

Uranus = Aquarius

Neptune = Pisces

Pluto = Scorpio (partially Aries)


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