After 9.5 Years and 3 Billion Miles, First Pics of Pluto Taken Yesterday

Exciting firsts are happening above and beyond us terrestrial beings high above the celestial bodies.

As scientists have accomplished the mystery and feat of being able to travel from Earth to Mars, traveling to any other planet in the celestial bodies is more desired than being able to actually see the planet furthest in distance as it is far too cold to have life there because it is farthest from the sun (which we here on Earth have through to perhaps Mars are soaking up the most).

From there on out, it is believed Mars is the only planet capable of having life form of any kind on it because people, plants and animals need the sun as a form of energy and life force and to heat or light the planet for many hours until cool down/night time hours the moon steps in the hide the sun (which, if you didn’t know, actually never officially “goes down” it merely becomes hidden by the moon at night to light the night sky in with its own dimly lit illumination).

Pluto is believed to be “night time” all the time and because it gets no life from the sun (in the form of heart, energy and light), its expected that no human, plant, or animal life is there whatsoever.

Additionally, unlike being able to actually travel from Earth to Mars, the farther a spacecraft travels out, the harder it is to breathe. Therefore, scientists haven’t

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