ADELE May Be Stepping Back On To The Music Scene (+ Possible Duet w/PHIL COLLINS?)

reg_634-adele-021212 It seems like just yesterday the beautiful, voluptuous Adele stepped onto the scene with that soulful, unmatched voice that took us all by surprise and by storm-then with what seemed like the click of her heels, she disappeared into oblivion as if she had never come. Well we certainly vouch for the fact that her talent, presence, and voice was in high demand and very much welcomed onto the music scene but while Adele most probably appreciated the accolades, invitations, and welcomes;  she seemed to have methodically stuck to some sort of plan she had for herself and her own life perhaps at the moment her massive success became surreal-and in the middle of all her success she pulled a Lauryn Hill on us: She bowed out, understandably-letting it be known in her very own [demonstrative] way that she wished to step out of the spotlight on a musical sabbatical to take some time to raise a family and before being caught up into the clinches and suction cup of her success before time would slip away from her.


EXCLUSIVE: Adele is spotted going into the Chelsea Farmers' Market  Well, I can certainly appreciate the bold step she took, and found it to be quite humbling. It always intrigues me when whether remaining in (low key), taking a couple steps back (or especially bowing out); someone who has every proven reason to bask-makes the choice to humbly decline to be put up under the spotlight of the world’s stage [rather than basking in it].

article-2195341-14BD1B24000005DC-811_634x869  article-0-14A020FD000005DC-129_634x428  It’s no secret that the 24 year-old British singer is highly secretive and guarded when it comes to her personal life and if you recall, she last left us having been with-child (born in October 2012) and rumored to have secretly wedded her 39 year-old fiancé: Simon Konecki in August that same year (which she took to Twitter and denied).

**EXCLUSIVE** Adele is seen doting over her adorable 8 month old baby boy Angelo during a trip to Central Park Children's Zoo in New York City  Since then, Adele gave the music scene her swan song and left us with a message merely stating she was going to take a step back from recording.

article-2486867-190ED74100000578-138_306x698   article-2486867-190ED75C00000578-599_306x423 The British beauty had since been spotted out shopping with her baby boy, Angelo, makeup-less and blending right into the crowd of the regular world inconspicuously and enjoying life [with the then 13-month old] 1386531131_rex_lady_gaga_1832287f_adele-simon-konecki-467 and father of her child [Simon]. Good news to report for all us Adele fans on this side of the globe, she will be returning to music very soon and we hear that she reached out to singer Phil Collins (formerly of the group “Genesis”) while working on a follow up to her hit album “21.”

download (23)  Collins (known for “In the Air Tonight”, “Sussudio,” and heartbreaking ballad: “In Too Deep,”) confessed that he had no idea who Adele was when he first got word that she wanted to work with him but quickly obliged her request after hearing her voice.

He said about Adele: “I’ve just started to work with Adele. She contacted me to write together. I wasn’t actually too aware (of her). I live in a cave. She’s achieved an incredible amount and I really love her voice and I love some of that stuff she’s done. So, to me, it’s always an eye-opener. Educational.”

adele Although Adele has been mum about her plans to return to music, rumor had it that the “Rumor Has It,” singer has actually been recording new material since last April [2013], when she stepped out of the spotlight to become a mom. Before we begin to roll any deeper into rumors regarding the “ifs,” “buts,” or “when’s” about the “Chasing Pavements” secretive singer’s return; let’s just keep our feet and hopes planet firmly to the ground, hang out, and keep our eyes and hears open and wait to see what actually happens.      


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