ADELE Pens “23” As She Prepares Us For “25”

adele sweaterNow I have an even better understanding of “Chasing Pavements”—more over than 5/6 years ago when the girl from the video sang “should I give up or should I keep chasing pavement even if leads no where?” (as the people in the video lay on the asphalt: chasing life and love on pavement til the end of time until carried out on a stretcher).

Well such is life, so easily I agreed when VH1 kept telling me [she was an artist] “You Oughta Know.”

Well since then, we got to know and grew to love that woman as “Adele”-who brought to us, her unique, sometimes haunting, yet, piercing and soulful voice while sharing with us-experiences of chasing pavement on wax: Enclosed and wrapped in albums with double-digit titles (to identify her age) and experiences in life and love up to, and through each masterpiece [that took us all higher and higher and wanting more].

But then she pulled away and retreated back to chasing the pavement of life and love—this time however, leaving us no wax, rhyme, or apology to toll her absence just: “19” (in 2008) and “21” (in 2011) and her a compilation of her greatest hits (in 2012).

adele glamour

Adele vogueLow and behold, Adele is back-officially not just a peep of her or the noise and frenzy of paparazzi sightings of her being annoyed by all the fanfare and excitement (that showed and proved obvious she never knew she signed up for).

This time, Adele left us all that note to toll her absence and rewound us to a time even before we knew her-telling us about how since around age 7 or 8 she’d been “chasing pavement” and wishing to be who, how, and what she wasn’t at various ages in life through to when she finally caught up to herself: now-at age 25.

The letter is a kind of fast-forward of sorts, in having skipped the needle on the record of album “23” (which we all remained on the edge of our seats waiting for).

Well rather than to regress and record it, Adele penned it-leading us up to what she is all ready and in preparation to drop: “25.”




“25” as she explains, is about getting to know who she’d become without realizing…“And I’m sorry it took so long but you know, life happened,” she expressed.



So without further adieu, a-due, Adele:




Adele big hairConsidering the fact that (if you’re a real Adele fan) you know that although she loves her fans, it’s all about the music and them. The hoopla and fanfare (of the media and paparazzi) is something she just never seemed to get used to and we don’t want to scare her off this time around.Adele big hair balck and white

That said, we’re gonna await “25”—and give her 50 feet…in anticipation for her come back, just await for Adele to come through.

Come through, Adele.

Come through.

Bless your soul we’ve got our heads in the clouds.


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