Adele most certainly got her work cut out for her cut her work out for us when she stepped back out onto the scene with her hot, new release “Hello” after saying goodbye to us all after nearly five years now.

Considering the fact that to a world with arms wide open, she left with much to be desired the welcome was warm as the notes were riveting, high and right.

Obviously the warm welcome and praise bestowed the U.K was going to be greater than a curtsy, curtains were raised and countless remakes in various forms that certainly were worth the praise as the praise bestowed upon her.

Straight out the gate was a mash up of legendary singer (Lionel Richie)’s 80s hit single “Hello.” Check it out:


(The real video in its entirety):


DID YOU KNOW: A variation of the very first line of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” is mentioned in the unpublished sequel to my published novel “Angie Situation”? See the excerpt on my old site’s server here!The mention is somewhere around the 28th line/paragraph (do not click if under 25-or prude-my books are adult books and situations). At any rate, sometimes when I write books, certain songs come to mind (or they have something to do with the scene). I just go with the flow! A keyboard is a piano to me at times! It just comes to heart and phalanges!


R&B crooner Joe Thomas (I Wanna Know What Turns You On, All The Things Your Man Wont’ Do) certainly knows how to give a song the BIZ-NESS. In case you don’t know-meet Joe: Could easily be called “Joe Blow”…’cause that–he can!

Joe’s been out crooning and doing his thing since the 90s (a.k.a “Joe”) without missing a beat and has a distinct voice-textured flowing like silk!

On five fingers, if you ever want to hear some good, melodic vocal rhythms from a male R&B singer, shuffle the deck with: Stockley Williams (Mint Condition/What Kind of Man Would I Be? Nothing Left to Say), El DeBarge (Love Me in a Special Way/Time Will Reveal/All This Love) Glenn Jones (We’ve Only Just Begun/I’ve Been Searchin;/Show Me) and Kevin Edmonds (After 7/Ready or Not) just to name a few. Throw Joe Thomas in there one mo’gin and your night, ears, and heart are set!

Check him croon and cover Adele’s “Hello” (as expected a male voice like his can certainly pull off):



With a song like Adele’s “Hello” delivered like a love letter or pensive phone conversation, it certainly couldn’t go without a prank call being made in spirit of it.

A YouTuber by the name of The Unluckiest British Bloke Ever took to the horn to prank a Domino’s pizza rep by using snippet’s of the song to probe and answer the apologetic pizza giant worker who unknowingly fell right into rhythm that he had no idea he was pranked into. Take a listen:

For the record (literally) Adele herself, took it over from here (since the popular song’s 25 millionth view and October 24 viral debut), and performed it live during a BBC One special on Thursday, November 5 where she belted the soulful tune out with the emotion that surely even Jay Z would agree made the song cry.

Adele BBC November 5


The golden-voiced singer was decked out in a Jenny Packham olive green dress with gold sequin matching the olive branch “Hello” extended and expelled from her golden voice that held the audience as after five whole, long years the 27 year-old singer proved (once again) that she could certainly own this time around (again). As well, some lucky members of the studio audience got treated to some answered Q&A’s. Check it out:

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