Actual Footage of Druglord Accused of Beheadings & Other Crimes: JOAQUIN “El Chapo” GUZMAN Just Before His Mile-Long, 30 Feet Under Prison Escape Surfaces (As He Comes For DONALD TRUMPS Wig Or Nah?)


Actual footage of Mexican mastermind Sinola cartel druglord (Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman)’s prison escapee footage is making its rounds.

Like the movie classic “Escape from Alcatraz,” a real-life Escape From Alcatraz did in deed happen in 2015-befitting of a Mexican drug lord fantasy that’s “Scarface” movie worthy, complete with anticipation of a world waiting to see if the Guzman (legally considered “Public Enemy Number One”) will go after who he sees as public enemy number one in his eyes: Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump who, while (during his campaign for the presidency just recently) made some insulting remarks about the Mexican race that did not sit too well with the escapee druglord-who has now escaped.

Although the world can assume El Chapo has bigger fish to fry than snatching Donald Trump’s wig back, the fact of the matter is, it’s probably not far from the list for all intents, purposes (and promises) the druglord was said to have made: to see Trump about his comments: “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Authorities however, consider Guzman Public Enemy Number One as, he is the most wanted man in Chicago.


Connected to a wave of drug related violence in the city, the druglord made his escape from a prison jail cell where he was placed under 24 hour surveillance yet somehow disappeared from view whereby he climbed into a tunnel outfitted with electricity and ventilation pipes like a red carpet welcome and walkthrough.

Waiting like a limo afoot a red carpet was a motorcycle which authorities believed ushered the cartel head through the 30-ft under, mile-long corridor and up and off to greener pastures of freedom by his own terms and time.


According to officials, Guzman showered first and escaped through the 2×2 foot opening in the floor-using a ladder to climb down into the 5-feet tall tunnel which lead to a construction site about 1 mile south of the prison.

The Chicago crime commission’s executive director Joseph Ways stated “The reason we are here is to voice our extreme displeasure at the Mexican authorities that allowed for the escape of one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

“That’s why we have used the label as Public Enemy No. 1. He still remains culpable and he’s prosecutable and we want to see that happen as soon as possible,” the commission’s Jeff Johnson added.


Although “El Chapo” is public enemy in the eyes of authorities, he does have supporters from his hometown who see his “release” as a cause from celebration.

Joe Baeza, investigator for the Laredo PD in Texas noted:

“There’s a romanticism with the drug culture in Mexico. Some people see them as trusted leaders of the community. They’re not Robin Hood, because Robin Hood wouldn’t behead you and make an example of you and go after your family,” Baeza quipped.

Although a statement like such should make Donald Trump choke right about now, the Mexican druglord has other redeeming qualities in her eyes:

“We’re glad. In a way, the work and jobs generated by El Chapo benefit us,” said the woman.

Still, (with a 3.8 million reward on the table) clearly Mexican authorities are on a manhunt for “El Chapo” and too, U.S Law enforcement agencies equally eager to capture the kingpin. The U.S. even offered to help Mexican authorities apprehend Guzman, complete with the offering everything from drones to a special task force as incentive.

As of right now, the Mexican government hasn’t taken them up on that elaborate offer.

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