Actor DRAKE BELL & Producer TIMBALAND Under Social Media Scorn For Tasteless “Caitlyn Jenner” Diss? + A Look At JENNER’s Legacy

In considering the amount of hours spent in silence on “social” platforms, the amount of suppositions, assumptions and conclusions about people and things said read can take on a life of its own—even without anything necessarily being said…it’s all (literally) in your eyes and head.

Take for instance producer Timbaland, who became the recipient of a social media swarm and backlash when he posted a meme reading:

“His mama named him Bruce I’mma call him Bruce.”





Well in case you haven’t heard…(well…read and saw), Bruce Jenner recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair in his alter-ego  alter- “me”-go where he officially unveiled his true “me”-the person he feels he is: A woman.



In doing so, the former U.S decathlete Olympic champion changed his name and came out to the world as “Cailtyn Jenner.”


Timbaland’s post was immediately taken as [as being] homophobic response of some kind, and be that as it may [have meant to be?] nor not…the fact of the matter is, that very meme came from a scene in an Eddie Murphy classic called “Coming to America”

Where the discussion was about Muhammad Ali changing his name from Cassius Clay.

Check out the whole scene-it’s pretty funny.

(But as it pertains to the meme, tap in below around the :25 minute marker ‘til around the :40 minute marker):




1525649_488721071283132_961344197332986534_nAs well however, Timbaland wasn’t the only one put under the radar of social media scorn and supposition, actor Drake Bell was run up on when he Tweeted:

“Sorry…still calling you Bruce.”



After her deleted the tweet, Bell wanted to assure the people he wasn’t dissing “Caitlyn Jenner” however he wanted to remember Bruce Jenner’s legacy [as the U.S Olympic Champion he was]:




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