Absence Making The Heart Grow Fonder: Why We Are Less “Fond” Today Than Ever Before + What One Woman Did For Her Boyfriend in the EVENTS of Her Absence

images (2)They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and while I believe there’s a whole lot of truth to that, as well, what’s sacred makes the heart grow fonder (in this life we live now-today).

Let me explain.

The psychology behind absence making the heart grow fonder is that the imagination will take on a lot of thoughts, emotions, angst and anticipate things we can’t see, hear or witness. And often times (with “love” and loving someone), when we don’t have access to them in ways that satisfies our curiosities and cravings, our mind (and hearts) will work overtime: willingly and sometimes desperately. It’s just our nature-in not answers all answers and access to things.

You know that. The same thing goes for people-we’re the same way in that regard. And when they are away, it can give us so much more to talk about, wish for, look forward too (when we come together).

Do you want to know (download for men) what’s ruined that craving for so many women and why (I believe) so many (not all) women are single to the point where (as a defense mechanism) they’ve adopted this “I am woman hear me roar” person as a Plan B?

Because nowadays, we have cashed in sacred for the social.

While many people have to connect with the world over such that the world of social media has helped well in that department, in the personal lives of women, the desire for them-their presence: how they are, their disposition, how they move about, little things they like, things they abhor-all that, are splattered out and about to the entire world with just the click of a button—including to the men in their lives who they want love, affection and attention from..

glitter gold starDon’t get it twisted-the fact that men are visual. While that may be true, as well, from age 8 to 80: men also like “magic.” Magic is unusual, atypical, infrequent, and unpredictably ‘special.’ Men like to unfold, build, discover and uncover even more than they are visual. Visual is the “hook.” The line and sinker is the what they discover and uncover as unusual, atypical, infrequent and unpredictably ‘special.’ A man can be “visual” to a woman 50x per day and if in that, he’s uncovered and discovered all there is to know as little bits of ‘special’ and his curiosities satisfied, with that (or her) he wants nothing past the surface and is quick to be done ‘playing’ with it (or her) as, not very much is sacred or not already known and unpredictable. That’s just the nature of men-all men.

Like absence growing the heart fonder; if a man has nothing to look forward to (because in every post, square and feed, he has uncovered

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