{About…Last Week} “BILLION DOLLARS ON AN ELEVATOR” Attended JAY Z’s Mom’s Shindig…Together…Sort Of…Maybe


beyonce-jayz-happy-couple-footer-3Although this week a whole lot has happened (in the news media) with regards to all that’s bet and invested on “Billion Dollars On An Elevator” ’s rumored separation-despite conflicting reports, pictures, and being boo’d up on stage while out “On The Run;” the rumors still keep going on from the top to the bottom.


jay-z-beyonce AT JAY Z MOMS PARTY TMZ AND OTHER SIDE OFTHE FAMEOur guys over at TerMiteZ managed to get their grubby little fingers of a pic (taken last week) of Beyonce doing walk-through at Jay Z’s mom (Gloria Carter)’s festivities for the ribbon-cutting/grand opening of her new restaurant Diamondz N Da Ruff in Newark, New Jersey.

Billed as a “private event” (although no professional photographers or reporters were around or near) sources say that Beyonce showed up to the event around 7-p for the ribbon cutting and champagne, hugged and laughed it up with Mama Carter, stayed about 15 minutes then bounced.

Despite all that watching Scandal on Thursday nights has taught us (like how Olivia fixes President Fitz and Mellie to look like the doting couple in front of America and its cameras while all the shenanigans and sha-bang is going out off camera), as I place my hands to my chest with almost church-lady like appalled look on my face, I rhetorically propose this question: Oh, we’re supposed to go on and take this photo for all that its worth while watching the sunglassed, supportive wife do her walk-through 1-shot photo op while the other half of “Billion Dollars On An Elevator” just so happened to have gotten trapped with the Auntie’s-enjoying some wine and spirits?

Ok… Dually noted.

Alright so, go on and take-this-here-pho-to and ignore all this weeks rumors about the tail end of the tour being so bad that even lawyers for “Billion Dollars On An Elevator” are traveling with them and even resorted to sleeping at entirely separate hotels and arriving to set separately.

images (7)Although rumors have reared its head so much so that [it is said that] the enmity between the couple is so bad that (last Thursday) concert promoter Live Nation, HBO and approximately four lawyers had to attend an emergency meeting.

10518272_354193191394717_421735577_nAlthough since then, it was being reported that the due to “Billion Dollar On An Elevator” ’s strife, it was predicted the tour may not even make it through to their San Francisco tour stop, scheduled for August 5.

beyonce_jayz_othersideofthefame_comAs well, moving onward and upward, “Billion Dollars On An Elevator” are supposed to take their ski-masked and stage doting talents on to Paris which, like San Fran, was predicated: “Might-Don’t-Make-It.”

10549709_1431831370432515_1190001664_nWith On The Run reported weigh the elevator down to the tune of about $84 million dollars (to add to the weight of “Billion Dollars on an Elevator,”) I’m thinking like the voice of Laurence Fishburne/Ike Turner/ “What’s Love Got Do With It”]:



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