About Last Night: MAYWEATHER Wins, Celebs Attend, In 7 Tweets-Mike Commentates Fight, JAMIE FOXX Beats Up National Anthem

Well if you paid for cable’s pay per view, flew way out to see it (in person), or funded that knock down, drag out fight party: complete with your new big plasmas on the wall, and had bottles poppin’ in anticipation of a couple of hours of grunting, and watching heads-a-knockin,’ sorry that your night didn’t pan out so well.

Good (+ already expected) news: Mayweather’s no fair-weather champ. He won.


Bad news (in a word): Boring.

If anybody live, thriving, and once held the world championship title could sum up the fight in only 7 tweets (and who had every intention of being theeee Twitter #MayPac commentator for the night), Mike Tyson’s intentions were good—but ended quickly:



Hey, look on the bright side, Jamie Foxx made up for all lackthereof.

If anything was knock-down, drag out-by unanimous, underwhelming decision, Unpredictable singer Jamie Foxx took the title on that.



In what folks are calling a “cringe-worthy” National Anthem (well…it would depend on who you asked)—complete with the church organ intro; some feel Foxx took us to church (as he decked the walls with his walls with Twitter boos of folly)…most said it was flat out cringing, and well–with Beyonce and Mary J. Blige right there in the audience:



…others were wondering: Why in the hell didn’t one of them sing it?!


Hell, let us not forget one thing, Jamie’s a comedian so: If he made you laugh, or not-he’s the winner, regardless right?

Check him out:


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