ABC’s THE VIEW Co-Host SHERRI SHEPHERD Amid Divorce from ‘ Sal From the D ‘

download    Sadly, ABC’s “The View” co-host: Sherri Shepherd and her husband of three years Lamar Sally a.k.a “Sal From the D” are divorcing.

According to public reports, Sally filed for divorce legal separation on May 2, 2014 and is being represented by the same attorney who famously [or infamously-depends on who you ask] represented Kevin Federline. Federline was once married with children to singer Britney Spears.

download (2)  Sherrie does have one son from her previous marriage to Jeff Tarpley whom she divorced in 2009 after learning he was having an affair. She does not have any children with Sally.

download (3)  Despite feuding families odds stacked against their union, Sherrie and Sal were married in August 13, 2011 in Chicago. Reports were surfacing (then, in 2011)  that Sherri’s dad was as totally against the marriage as was her mother-in-law who, according to sources–was still welcoming in a family way; Sal’s ex [who reportedly-she had no qualms about making her thumbs up and “like” preference known].

Allegedly, Sherri’s dad was concerned because Sherri has/had to support the family and too, was alleged to have also been unhappy about Sherri’s plans to make Sal from the D her husbanger.



Reports are surfacing that Sherri and Sal actually, will be having a baby boy due on July 28 to be named Lamar Sally Jr., born to a surrogate.

It is being said that “Sal From the D” is requesting that Sherri is granted (quote) “reasonable visitation rights,” (unquote).

As well, he is putting into place, an order to prevent her from interfering with the baby being given to him after birth.

Additionally, Sal is asking for spousal support and that Sherri be made the heavy for his attorneys fees along with their prenupt being deemed invalid based on fraud.

In three words: This sounds ugly.


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