AALIYAH Biopic Set to Air on LIFETIME TELEVISION Saturday, November 15


In the words of Wendy Williams: “How You Doin?”

Well at this point whether the loved ones of fallen star Aaliyah give their final seal of approval or no, the show must will go on. Reportedly, there has been a lot of controversy and images (10)in-fighting involving the family of the star from everything about the film no being a suitable adaptation of her legacy to their liking, to being in disagreement with who fit the look of Aaliyah (which originally started and ended with Nickelodeon actress images (9) Zendaya Coleman). Despite having finally found the right fit in Alexandra Shipp, rumor has it that the family [still] feels the movie must—quit.

images (11)The role, now covered by the Nickelodeon star, has been signed, sealed and now the :16 second  trailer teaser is delivered…all yours.

…The biopic, going straight to Lifetime Television, is set to premier on Saturday, November 15.

images (4)In my opinion, TV trumps motion picture. Lifetime will play the movie over and over. TV is the way to get your story told” said Williams who as well is the movie’s executive producer.

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