A Lil’ Night Snap: NBA Player JAMES HARDEN Caught Sleeping With A Racist

So ball player James Harden’s got some s’plaining to himself to do when he wakes up— should some broad who calls herself “Farrah Flossit” have anything to do with it.

After a night out with Harden, Farrah Flossit did something major: She obviously put him down and out to counting Z’s and shortly after, perhaps she got bored and decided on a different kind of night cap snap:


A pic of a sleeping Harden looking practically comatosed while she blew a kiss at the camera then hashtagged it:

#Lilsleepytime (+ tagged his social media account awaiting his awakening).


She’s obviously about her chaper and likes to post the fruits of her labor.


Business has been so good from the James Harden’s as such that what she posted a lil’ over a year ago, she deleted, as…it probably wasn’t good for business:

A tweet reading: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE.”













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