A House Is Not A Home Without PAULA There: ROBIN THICKE’s Bel Air Home On The Market

Can’t say I didn’t have real, sincere high hopes for this resolution. But according to reports, there are still blurred lines in this picture.


 Luther Vandross sang it best-the theme song going on in my head:

A room is not a room and a house is not a home / I climb the stairs…and turn the key-ee-eee you’ll always be there saying that you’re : stilllllllllllllllll innnnnnnnnn love…


deep voice


Are you’re gonna be

Say you’re gonna be

Are gonna be

Say you’re gonna

Say you’re be

Welll welll welll

Still in love, so in love still in love…”


Some’n like that.

You get the idea. And I’m over here sangin’ my heart out-singing this song in my BEST male alto (I’ll have you know).

Every single lyric and piano note expresses my true sentiment and what I’m trying the convey here. Rock with me y’all.

Ok now.

Because according to reports, rumors that the couple (who, reportedly haven’t slept under the same roof since February) may very well be splitting—despite all Robin’s humble and musically gregarious attempts win his wife back.

images (1)The Get Her Back singer’s, lines of all hope and communication are obviously still blurred, since it is being publicly reported the couple’s 2-story, 3,158 sq. ft Bel Air, California home equipped with a full recording studio (and overlooking Sunset Boulevard) is listed on the market as of this past Monday-with the asking price of $2,985,000.

The home was originally bought in 1990 by Robin Thicke’s dad (television veteran Alan Thicke) for $910,000. Since then, the deed was turned over to Robin who not only has made every attempt to make his house a home again, now has it up for sale.



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