SIMON Says: The Prospect of Fatherhood Has Changed His Life

SIMON AND OPRAH If you remember, back in 2010 in an interview Simon Cowell did with Oprah, he expressed that his depression bouts were such that he can get “very, very, dark,” and finds it hard to maintain friendships and relationships with people during these times in his life when he’s “low.”

In the interview, he added that during these times, it’s alike a “hibernation” for him, in that he’s pretty much like a bear: don’t come near him.

He also offered that he has no interest in taking any pills for his depression and could pretty much narrow down the source from whence it comes: people depending on, and pulling at him every which way so much so that it kind of sucks the life out of him.

In the interview, he added: “I would never take a pill to deal with that, it’s something I have to deal with myself. I put it down to: ‘Ok, I’m a bit moody, a bit overdramatic about everything, give yourself a mental slap and get on with it.’ ”

SIMONjudging Well since 2010, we all know about Simon’s departure from in the eyes of many of us, made him famous (although Simon has been known in the world of entertainment for many years). However, many of us only know Simon from being the King of Mean on American Idol and perhaps it was his natural way [of slipping into dark realities] that made him more of a realist than his other judging panelists on the show.

SIMONCONTEMPLATING If he was impressed: He was impressed and would express that. If he wasn’t, he’d kill your hopes and dreams with reality as he saw it: no holds barred, no qualms, no ands, ifs, mights, maybes or buts about it.

LaurenAndAndrewSilverman In the recent years however, since his departure from “Idol,” we’ve gotten a little more of a peek into Cowell’s personal life when it was rumored/alleged that he was involved with his friend (Andrew Silverman)’s ex-wife (Lauren Silverman).

SimonAndLaurenKisisng Well, it turns out-the rumors were true and Simon was indeed in a relationship with her. And despite what you feel about that part, something good became of it for Cowell: it put his depression in reverse. Now, with his admitted guilt about his relationship with Silverman, he also no holds barredly, with no qualms, no ifs, ands, mights, maybes, or buts-for the first time in his life he can truly say that a baby’s butt and the prospect of fatherhood has saved him from depression.

LaurenAndSimon SimonAndLauren The X-Factor boss eventually was the factor that made Lauren Silverman, Andrew Silverman’s ex, and the couple’s divorce was made final on December 13, 2013. Lauren revealed (earlier this year) that she was indeed carrying Cowell’s baby. Now that the divorce is final, Lauren of course is free to marry Cowell who, fully admits his guilt about betraying his friend Andrew Silverman as he told Britian’s Daily Newspaper: “I let down a friend and I feel bad about that.”

Well, at least Cowell wasn’t a complete coward about what happened and came clean which too, enabled him to start anew-in ways that never in his life had happened and something wonderful because as well, he admits that the prospects of becoming a father has lifted him out of that a deep and dark depression, and news about his unborn son changed everything for him.

simon-cowell-with-lauren-silverman-fe7aea382db8ff6be1a03c8c0  Simon says: “I just wasn’t myself and couldn’t get out of it. And then the baby happened and it was like coming out of a fog. That’s the only way to describe it.”

Well, although this story has a bitter but sweet end in which one good thing became of it: the King of Mean came clean, got another leash on life, and a chance to start anew–looking forward to baby poo.

This ought to be fun for Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell  And we at Other Side of the Fame with keep you posted on that addition to those commercials.

We predict that at some point in this in the near future, there will be a commercial shot with Simon and son where we shall see Simon back in his element for old time sake: judging his own son’s talent (or no?).

We’ve got our eyes on it.

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