CHER Gets the Slip, Bob, and Weave By Longtime Friend and Designer: BOB MACKIE

download (4) When you’re hot, you’re hot. And when you’re not, you’re not, right?

download (5) Not saying that Cher isn’t “hot,” because she oozes “hot,” even at 67.

images (2) But her old chum and designer Bob Mackie doesn’t seem to think so (anymore).

images (8) Depends on who you ask, can’t say that the designer is best known for his designs for Cher, or if Cher is best known for her designer digs by him, but either way some feelings got hurt in this and the “[Do You] Believe in Life After Love” star took to Twitter to express how hurt she was that her old chum and designer [she made famous, or he-her…again…depending on who you ask], gave her the duff this time around.

_47448488_cher_oscars766getty  images (18) images (17)images (21) Bob Mackie is best known for his flamboyant styles which include everything that is sure to make a gal stand out and peacock like no other-where ever she may be.

We don’t know if Cher’s “Dressed to Kill” tour name/title (which is set to kick off on March 22 in Phoenix), was inspired by the fact that she was positive she’d be able to be just that: dressed to kill in countless Mackie designer digs but according to her Tweets and reports: instead, he killed that notion (and idea?) because he couldn’t fit her into his scheduled (or repertoire…) anymore-this time around.

images (16)images (10) The “If I Could Turn Back Time,” singer Tweeted [on March 13]: “Telling you something that has broken my heart. The man who made all my costumes since 1972 decided he couldn’t do my last tour.”

She continued [to Tweet]: “ No matter how disappointed any u are, you don’t know my grief. I’m sure Bob can’t know how much I miss him. I felt like I had to tell u I’m crying.

download (6)  The “Mask/Rocky Dennis Story” performer, singer and actress explained that she pleaded with Mackie to try and squeeze her in his busy schedule but he had too many reason as to why he couldn’t do it and had too many obligations such, that he couldn’t even do one [outfit].

 Well Cher wasn’t caught with her slip hanging on this. Another talented designer who goes by the name of Hugh Durant was hired to design for her tour this time around. Cher said he was brave and talented and that they would persevere.

images (5) As far as the “friendship” end of Cher and Mackie’s deal-they first met on the Carol Burnett Show in 1967:  “It was 1967 and I was working on a loose thread on a beaded gown and Cher came over and said, ‘Oh, someday I’m going to have one of those,” Mackie said. “And we became friends after that.”

download From that point on, Cher and Mackie began working together when Mackie was hired to work exclusively with Cher during four years of she and Sonny’s “Sonny and Cher Show”-a 1971 comedy hour that was popular on television at the time.

Of Cher (then-during his time in working with her), Mackie was reported as having said:

images (19)  download (1)   images (13)    images (1)  images (14) It’s not like dressing a regular person; it’s like dressing a crazy goddess. Sometimes she’s an Egyptian goddess, and sometimes she’s a biker chic goddess.”

download (3)  Even after the “Sonny and Cher” show ended, Mackie continued to create Cher’s most iconic looks that graced many-a-red carpets, shows, and television appearances-including the 1986 and 1987 Oscars.

images (20) Although (according to her Tweets) it all may have seemed “last minute” (that Mackie reneged) on working with Cher for this “Dressed to Kill” tour, it wasn’t.

In August 2013, he was on board-expected to make around 20 costumes but…

shoulder shrug

1393006134_469447425_miley-cyrus-zoom  download (2) Maybe it’s because he’s now designing for pop tarts like Miley Cyrus now (for HER tour “Bangerz”)

….and all his years of Cher’s business he feels he no longer needs?

In that regard, this is enough to make you say: “people ‘aint sh!t.”

images (12) Mackie reportedly said: “When you change that many times, you don’t wear any one thing for very long, and it’s not a big dancing operation here.”

…whatever that means.

images (22)Blank stare

After reading everything and delving further, I really feel badly for Cher. She really put him ON over the years, and that canNOT be denied.

She gave him wayyyyyyyyy too much business to be handled like such. That’s HORRIBLE! I feel really bad for her after I researched it further.

Like I love “The Elephant Man (for the same reason), I love”Mask” and I loved Cher in “Mask.” As well, I loveeeeeeee “Do You Believe in Life After Love,”  it was one of my faves in 2000 and reminds me of good times back then (along with Ricky Martin’s La Vida Loca takeover). Cher’s song and Ricky’s La Vida Loca soooo remind me of good times in music.

But she’s even greater than what I know her for!

Smh at other people, though… I wouldn’t DREAMMMMMMMMMM of sh!tting on someone so badly who was soooooooooooo instrumental in my career.


(Stories like this sure can make you lose faith in, and trust NO ONE).

I’m floored.

Good luck to her. She’s beautiful-then AND now. And people STILL love her! Her pics are awesome! Who knew?


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