80s Songbirds ANITA BAKER & CHERYL LYNN Go At It Across Twitter: What’s LUTHER Got To Do With It-The Second Hand Emotion?

Yous are gonna understand how this Mercury Retrograde thing works sooner or later. Everybody’s crazy!download (14)

Welp. Everything but “pretty lovin’ ” was handed out across Twenemy lines yesterday between 80s R&B divas Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn.

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It was like the ghost of the late Never Too Much singer Luther Vandross was feeling cantankerous and prompted his former If This World Were Mine duet partner and friend Cheryl Lynn to pay Anita Baker a visit-she was sitting too quiet over there, just a little too calm: banging coffee cups every morning and enjoying herself just a little too much (it’s Anita Baker’s morning ritual and actually where I lifted the meme header for the coffee ad I placed around the 14th):


Reportedly years ago (1988 to be exact) songstress Anita Baker was out on tour with Luther Vandross for a show in L.A.

Long story short, she stole the show and got rave reviews in newspaper write-ups that because of, plucked Vandross’ strings and there begat the enmity between the two successful artists.

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Fast forward.

Out of nowhere yesterday, things got real between the Fairytales songbird and the and Got To Be Real singing powerhouse (that magically even spilled over into today).


I’ll start by dropping this on yous for a spell:



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