MICHAEL JACKSON Lovechild: Does He Have a Brother from Another Mother, or Was “Billie Jean” Really His Lover?

Aw man homie. My mind’s playing tricks on me.

download (2) download (1) download download (3) images (30) images (31) Art may have been an imitation of life for Michael Jackson as he sang: “Billie Jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl who claimed that I am the one. But the kid is not my son / “…then she looked at me. And showed a photo with the baby crying his eyes were like mine.”

images (29)  Well this story here has me on the floor dancing in the ‘round.

images (12)  Take my strong advice: Word is getting around that my late brother in law Michael Jackson may have fathered a child-a boy-who just so happens to not only look like him but obviously has MJ DNA because he dances and sings like him too (need I mention-is pursing a career in music too?).

Now look-a-here…

*in my Forrest Gump voice*:  I’m not stupid.

images (28) images (27) images (26)  I know there’s a lot of Michael Jackson replicas, freaks, and fanatics images (22)walking around California with sparkling socks, jeri curls pulled back in a ponytail (stuffed in a rubber band) on any given day-so I do take that into consideration.

images (1)  images (4)  But some folks are claiming that this look-a-like, sing-a-like, dance-a-like, talk-a-like is the real deal.

download (4) download (5) As if the Jackson’s don’t already have enough weird stuff, family secrets (and other secrets) popping up on the already-this one here is not only off the wall, but too, in a class by itself.

Firstly because the young man, Brandon Howard, believed to have been born in 1981 was born to 1980’s R&B singer Miki Howard images (17) (whose hits include “Love Under New Management” and “Baby Be Mine”). The irony that she appeared in the movie “Poetic Justice” with Janet is just a coincidence (I assure you).

images (24) She (Miki Howard) was at one time represented by Joe Jackson in the 80’s-which leads to this other freaky thing about all this: This replica DNA in Brandon may also be because Joe Jackson may have fathered the child (says a source close to the Jackson clan who reported that information to Daily News).

Other off the wall ironies thrown into this twist is that singer Augie Johnson, 65, is claming to be Brandon’s dad. Augie Johnson (thank GOD his last name aint Jackson) was a back-up singer on Michael Jackson’s 1979 “Off the Wall” album.

 images (21) images (15) Welp.

images (32)  We got this part out the way: It’s always momma baby and daddy’s “maybe.”

download (6)  So we do know his momma is indeed Miki [Howard]. We can rest on that.

images (11)  And according to genetics, we can rest on the fact that the kid is either Michael’s son or his brother (most likely)—but one of the two are sure things as dental records would have it.

images (14)  In a Beverly Hills conference this past Thursday, organized and streamed via FilmOn.com by Alki David (a shipping heir) Brandon was present and confirmed, via a Facebook post, that he gave a DNA sample for the test. Beverly Hills dental surgeon (Dr. Joseph Goodman) revealed the results that Brandon Howard and Michael Jackson did indeed share the same DNA. Michael Jackson’s DNA was tested via a dental device purchased at an auction. The test showed a probability of 99.9%.

images  Although on Maury and in any real-life situation, we all would be fine with having that percentage, audience then claps and we run off with our “Thousand percent” surety, people are wanting more: the actual DNA tests paperwork including the names of the scientists who administered the test, as well as the testing lab’s name.

Alki David (we guess, standing in as Brandon’s representative) states: “I’m sure that there will be doubters and there will be haters and there will be those who create, build a controversy, but it is what it is.”

(LoL. Oh boy—you should’ve seen me re-enact that line: Complete with my whole hand/five fingers pointed, hand turned sideways, then wiping my hand to the left at “it is what it is”-head nod).

 images (18)  Well we needn’t belabor the obvious: Although Michael Jackson has gone to glory,  the fact of the matter is-he was a megastar who worked his entire life and he is worth more now, than he was alive (right before his death).

images (13)  His estate currently holds $18 million in cash and $600 million in revenue.

With that being a factor, Jackson family estate lawyer Howard Weitzman told Daily News that this all seems like fraud.

images (2) Brandon on the other hand, with all his fancy footwork, asserts that Michael Jackson is a big inspiration for his work but claims he had nothing to do with Alki David’s press conference.

(*twists lips*)

 images (10) Via a Facebook video, Brandon wanted to let us all know a thing or two (for the record):

images (9)  I’ve never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson’s son. I’m definitely not suing the estate. I’m taken care of very well. And also, I make my own cash, OK?”

images (8) Ok? Y’all got that?

images (19) According to our sources, former child actor Corey Feldman, 42, (who was a pal of Michael Jackson’s during his moonwalking days, attended Alki David’s press conference and said he believes the kid is Michael’s son. He expressed: “Personally, I do. Because I’ve never met two people who were more alike in my life.”  

Uh. Duhhhh. They share the same DNA Corey!

At any rate.

The Jackson family has always been very aware of Brandon being rumored to be Michael’s son and they don’t buying it.

Janet and Miki even got into a scuffle on the set of Poetic Justice  a few times-but it was kept under wraps. (LoL. I’m just kidding about that part).

But I aint kidding about this–my “story” about Michael that I still stick too.

images (25)  If you’ve followed me for a while-you’ve heard me say that I think Michael Jackson died asexual, or a virgin (“virgin” in that I just think he never shook it with a woman-but probably romanced and played with the idea of it in his head). But in my opinion, in real life, I think he was repulsed by “it”… (in a chronic “Virgo” way). But I always thought he could entertain the thought of it-but never actually do it, and perhaps that was the whole psychology behind the androgyny (and all else)… That’s just my theory about the sexuality of Michael Jackson. And I think that whole thing played a big part of his personal psychology, because you can’t be a 50-something year old man and never have had sex and be “all normal.” We’re sexual beings and our bodies and minds won’t permit us to function like a “normal” functioning person if our sexuality doesn’t catch up to us (whether it’s for procreation-sex, fornication-sex, homo-sex, promiscuity-sex or whatever-something has to happen)—I just don’t think it ever did for him.

images (23)  And I just think that was the “problem” of his problems, the children, the Peter Pan syndrome (and all that other stuff).

Anyways though.

He sure as heavens had me convinced that I could be wrong about my lil’ theory for the duration of that song of his: “Lady in My Life.”  Especially from that 2:30 point “stay with me” through to end song and then again at that 3:45 point where he moans out in a shiver : “ooh baby.” It was male perfection. I swear by this.

One day while driving in my car recently I popped that song in, and when he broke it down like that…(especially at that 2:30 point to end-song), I felt I could be wrong about my lil’ theory. But then; the song came to an end-and I stick to my story.

But I LOVE that song. I think that ONE song made him “feel” a “woman.” I could just taste him “tasting” what’s like to be with a woman in that way. That song is a combination of lust, love, desire and romance. It’s a whirlwind of everything sensual. 

If you know me-I absorb music, the lyrics, the artist and I feel what I feel if a song really made me feel something. And that’s what I feel about THAT one song and “Michael Jackson.” 

images (16) R.I.P. may he. He is certainly missed.

In the meantime, it’s flashback Friday, so rock with me on that jam. I love that song by him. It is so sensual, sooo “surrender-ful,” so romantic. I love EVERY lyric. It’s perfection. I really feel it is that “man” in him.

1_mICHEAL_bITCH_PLEASE But as much it’d be cute that “Billy Jean” surfaced and he had a kid-a son-afterall, if anything, I think he may just have a brother from another mother named Brandon Howard 🙂

Source: NY Daily News

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