7 Whole Years: Remembering Who’s Loving The King of Pop – MICHAEL JACKSON


Michael Jackson packed ‘em—



…AND made an impact:



You know you’ve made an impact when a 4 year old is in love with you and you’ve been gone 7 years.

One of my brother’s girlfriend’s daughters has a four year old who ran into Michael Jackson on the Internet—and her 4 year old life hasn’t been the same, since.Michael-Jackson-THE-KING-OF-POP

All it took was just one introduction of the King of Pop, by pressing ‘play’ this four year old girl’s life changed.
This is how I found out about it.

One day (about a month ago) I was on the phone with my brother’s girlfriend and her granddaughter was squealing in the background. So I says, “what’s going on?”

She answers: ‘Girl she loveeeeeeees Michael Jackson. She listens to, and watches him on You Tube all day every. It’s weird.”

“Wow. That is…” I replied. Especially considering he’s been dead longer than she’s even been alive!”

King of PopIt’s been 7 whole years since the surprising death of the American icon whose often imitated and never [can be] duplicated-about as hard as it is for many to say good to the Never Can Say Goodbye pop genius.

So here’s the twist (about the 4 year old girl).

Obviously her mother controls what’s being pressed on ‘play’ but there’s just one thing: The little girl doesn’t even know the He Doesn’t Even Know That I’m Alive sibling (sorely missed) is not alive.

You know how we throw the words “I’m inspired and motivated” around for clicks, here’s a little 4 year old girl who’s literally moved from being inspired from Michael Jackson so much (keep in mind…just from his music on You Tube) that it awakens something in her-even in his death (his death unbeknownst to her).

The spark of inspiration is kept alive in the child by this, according to my brother’s girlfriend:

“Girl. Your brother has to get on the phone and pretend to be Michael Jackson. He imitates Michael’s voice, you know from her recollection of interviews she’s seen of his, and she thinks it’s him-when you brother does it.”

She continued “It started off as a joke-when I told your brother about her loving Michael Jackson so much. He got on the phone one day and pretending to be him and it took her to another place. Now, your brother has the daunting task of being Michael Jackson at least once a week. She’s lit, girl. She’s tells him about her day. How she loves his music. How she’s been a good girl-she sings his songs back to…[YOUR BROTHER] all that.”

“I don’t know how to tell her he’s not alive,” said my brother’s girlfriend, sadly.

Needless to say, we


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