JOSH ROMNEY: Mitt May Not Have Been Able to Produce Those “Binders Full of Women” But Good Heavens, His Son Made Up For it By “Lifting” A Family of Four Out of a Bind

Don’t it always seem to go that whenever our heroic moment presents itself, there’s no one around to film us, or take a picture of us doing it?

Well, do it yourself-Twitter’s always waiting.

In every sense of two keywords in the phrase: “The  fruit ‘don’t fall too far from the tree,” I promise you this next story is proof that something really can hit you upside the head and send you into a state of delirium, confusion (or impulsive false modesty)…

As if it wasn’t enough earlier this year when the Demsrepubloss sent Mitt Romney hauling ass  BYE BYE mitch untitled

552164_3811980750163_1178653728_n …so closely near the time of the death of Paul Walker, the “Fast and the Furious” ‘ star’s untimely death (ironically in a car accident with resulted in a fatality), if Mitt Romney’s oxymoronic son would modestly sub-brag a tweet and have it; the Angels of Life were way too busy over in his neck of the woods blessing his hands in ‘lifting’ a family of four (4) to safety from their terrible car accident and mangled piece of metal. And most probably were still fanning him with feathers through to the next day…

The accident actually happened on Black Friday, and although he assisted in making the family of four’s black skies light blue again; the politician’s son’s  impulsive decision to take his heroic efforts to Twitter was probably about as smart as his dad’s impulsive statement proving his zeal about womens’ rights–all sealed up in those “Binder’s Full of Women” (that we never got a chance to thumb through):  romneybinders    Binders-Full-of-Women-6   Binders-Full-of-Women  binders-full-of-women (1)  romneybinders-2  1512d328d55f4e59b81159439a2713f2 

…sorry..I got carried away, I couldn’t decide just which photo or Internet meme to pick so I chose them all.

At any rate.

_h353_w628_m6_otrue_lfalseBecause of his taking the cool pic (“presenting” the mangled car) and tweeting: “Was first on scene to big accident, see pic of car in the house. I lifted 4 people out to safety. All ok. Thankful,”  Josh Romney (a Real Estate Developer) had to take cover and run to the light after the Twitter Mob sure as hell lay hands  him with the force of a main street intersecting a cross street like a capital letter “T.”


Way to go big guy, way to go.


Well, just like the fruit doesn’t, the faux pas don’t fall too far from the tree either. I mean, how else could he debate this? What more could he [and like his dad: SHOULD HAVE NOT] said?

You say: ” #HumbleBragging ”

I Say: “Impulsive False Modesty”

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.

binders full of women 2

…Like we at “Other Side of the Fame” always say all across Twitter : #StayTuned

{Eye’d Spy’d at: The Wrap via Tim Malloy}

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