50-cent-righteous-kill When he’s acting, he’s in action (acting) and goes by the name of Curtis Jackson.

But when he’s rapping, he’s: 50 Cent (rapping)…and yapping: Giving up more than just half the story. He’s 100.

Not to be outdone on the TMI by Nick Cannon-making their radio rounds this past week-50 stopped by the Rickey Smiley Show and gave an interview that surely answered lots of questions that many inquiring minds (and 50 Cent fans) wanted to know.

50  Now as you may, (or may not know), 50 and rapper RICK ROSS have had a long-time beef that at one time had gotten so ugly that 50 at one time, back when Ross was fairly new to the game, (of rap)-he taunted Ross by insinuating he and Ross’ baby’s mom’s were, or had gotten a little closer than Ross would have liked. Good news about all that is that both guys are still living! However, 50 answered inquiring minds by stating in the interview that their beef actually started “over a look-I looked at him funny.” But rather than delving into the pettiness and tat-for-tat of it all; he (50) diplomatically stated [pretty much what he knows he is the authority on, as, he-himself has a pretty well-documented history with terrorizing Ja-Rule when he first got on the scene too], he stated: “Artists compete with other artists to move up, (and notoriety)” / “When you have 13/10 million records per CD” [it’s to be expected]/ and he goes on to say: “I did their career in 2 records,” (unquote).

50_FLOYD  When asked about his friendship with FLOYD MAYWEATHER, he had some pretty interesting things to say about that as well. Because as you may (or may not) remember, the two of them were inseparable at one point in time, recently. Then one day shots rang out across Twitter and what seemed like horse play among men taking a little time out to act like boys, turns out, it really was beef between the two (men). 50FLOYDNEXT  Well, in the interview, 50 stated that Floyd was more like a little brother to him. Not because of his size [as compared to 50] but (quote) “If you talked to him you would understand why I call him my baby brother,” (unquote).

50FLOYD_  50 then goes on to explain that pretty much all that comes out of Mayweather’s mouth and all he’s about is money, money, money-whereas, although boxing may be his strength, business isn’t quite his strong point [seeing as though the only money he generates is through fighting-rather than what Mayweather frequently promotes and talks about as if it was a business by which he was generating money: “TMT”—an acronym for “The Money Team”].

Ouch twice-ties.

50FLOYD__  He then goes on to compare boxing great: Ali to Mayweather by stating that unlike Ali (who shared the values and interests of the people/the audience), the only thing the people/audience know of/care about when it comes to Mayweather is pretty much the interest in not missing the opportunity to see him lose [a fight].

Ouch three-sies.

That 50 Cent has one crafty mouthpiece doesn’t he?

50_CIARA  With regard to his ex-lady love singer CIARA, whom we all know is with-child and boo’d up with rapper Future currently, 50 answered Rickey Smiley by simply stating that they’re still friends but he hadn’t talked to her however, he had just spoken with her grandmother the previous day.

50CHELSEA  And for those of you who, like me for a while, thought the 50/CHELSEA HANDLER romance was a joke (literally)-think again It was the real-deal (obviously). Because when Smiley asked 50 about Chelsea, he stated: “Chelsea was cool,” and went on to mention that before he show would be ending (which is soon), he would definitely be making an appearance-so, no bad blood between those two (obviously).

50VIV_   Obviously, kiss and tell session would be complete without question being asked about 50 and actress VIVICA FOXX who you may (or may not know), hit the ground romancing the moment 50 was overcome with how fine she was looking back at the 2003 MTV Music Awards-and from the moment he made a comment about how good she was looking in her dress, the rest was history……..and then (literal) history: the kind that made rap/popular culture history in the worse way that in the end, wasn’t too kind in Vivica’s favor.

50VIV  What started off as good went bad and the next thing we alls knew, is that it was being reported [by 50] that Vivica was practically hanging outside the gates of his house during crack hours fiendishly for [ironically, the boys song at the time]: “Magic Stick.”

Well after getting her named dragged in the mud for too long, Vivica pulled that rabbit right out the hat to let the world know that she was far from a trick:

“50 Cent likes to think he made me sexy. I just had to get that out in the universe and let him know that no, he did not. I did [Billy Blanks’] Tae Bo three to five times a week all the time and watched what I put in my mouth. I been holding my tongue not saying nothin’, letting him talk all kinds of sh!t-all of a sudden I’m exploiting him? How long I been here y’all? I don’t gotta exploit nobody! My films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide!”

Well in the interview, 50 stated that the relationship was an “accident that happened so fast,” and that he was so green, it was like he was the front lawn. [“Green” is slang for “wet behind the ears,” or naïve]. This time around however, he was quite the gentleman and didn’t speak unwell of Vivica-or insinuate that she was unwell (unlike he said years past).

50-cent-with-son  When speaking about his son and mother [of his son], who you may (or may not know), has been in the news over domestic situations, 50 merely states that his baby’s mother had an extreme sense of entitlement and felt like she was responsible for his success. The that he added that if he hit the lotto three times, yes, he would feel lucky and identify with her plight in that regard but seeing as though his money came from the fact that he worked for it, what she feels is null and void (basically) therefore, her sense of entitlement makes no sense.

Rickey and 50 go on to have a little man to man talk where 50 jokes that singer Rihanna’s got a thing where she leaves the guys looking like they were the girls and he didn’t want that kind of […] He then jokes that even more over that-how guys “come back different” after dating singer Erykah Badu while Rickey Smiley and his co-hosts laughs as they segued into what 50 was also notorious for when he first stepped onto the rap scene: being shot 9 times and survived where he goes on to explain: “When you find yourself in a threatening situation, you find yourself more conscious of a higher power” [cause you can’t rely on muscle].

When asked whatever happened to the guys who shot him, 50 (joked) that the strong arm of karma got a hold of them and they died of “natural causes.”

When asked about his best advice: Conceal your intentions (50 made it his business to meet author Robert Greene to question him about the 48 Laws of Power and I’m assuming he could rock with this LOP without question).

Secretly afraid of: Investing in the wrong relationships-the wrong friendships.

What he likes in a lady: Confidence.

Favorite snack: Cheese.

Smash, Marry, or Kill (between Rihanna, Miley Cyrus & Chelsea Handler)?

Smash Rihanna ‘cause I didn’t do it. And then..I’d kill Chelsea and try something different.”

[Host]: “So you would marry Miley Cyrus?!”

[50]: “I’m trying som’n different.”

[Host]: “Keep it 100! Keep it 100!”


F.Y.I: 50’s New CD “Animal Ambition is due out on June 3 and every Tuesday leading to June 3, he will be releasing a new single. First out the gate is a new single called: “Smoke” feat. Trey Songz.


Source: TheRickeySmileyShow

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