5 Tips For A More Creative Life

I found a great piece of information that I could oh-so relate to and wanted to drop off right here (along with my own interpretation of what each means to me).

Hopefully you find you in it too:


Seek surroundings and people opposite you

Again, like Barbara Corcoran’s tip I posted for yous yesterday, this tip challenges everything we thought we were doing right in searching to surround ourselves with (or going into business with) people ‘like’ us.download (3)

That cliché’ “great minds think alike” is just that: a cliché.

I think the general idea here is to [of course surround ourselves with people like us] to the extent that they want the same joys in life (large, small, or simple) as we want however, perhaps their route and way of doing and thinking may be slightly (or vastly) different than our “way.”

So rather than going for the like ‘like’ minded, I think the idea here is: Surround + go for the ones unlike-like us, who too are like-willed, but ‘unlike’ in ‘way.’


Find value in wanderlustdownload (3)

It’s a little scary-I know. But don’t seek to step out on sure things and so much that you develop a dear of stepping out on or to the unknown (step out on faith).

Nobody like to take big leaps of risks without a plan, or strategies and being in control of what that outcome will predictably be. But like a kid, who knows no shame or equipped with the ability to strategize and plan, if you just “don’t know” and go on and go…chances are—you’ll keep going.


Let go of the need to reach the light and the end of the tunnel or how many mile too the destination

Enjoy the journey, accept the failure, perils and rough terrain and all the imperfections that come along with the process, or during the journey.download (3)

When we concern ourselves less with the outcome, we’re able to live in the literal moment that leads to the next and the next and the next. And before we know it, we’re “there” with plenty to spare…



This tip given goes back to something I swear by: No matter the value in the lesson, information or the blessing; you absolutely cannot get the blessing or receive inspiration or the lesson by that which you take it upon yourself to see or seek enmity with.download (3)

Concentrate on what, or who you love and whatever it or their blessing is (or lesson given); it will be a contagion…communicable….transferable. And with that, what you already posses and have of and with yourself, you can then build on top, around and over that—remix, rinse and repeat…such is life (just like that applies to art).


Be present

It doesn’t always have to be in a big, grand way, but to whatever it is you wish the blossom and come to fruition, bring the water, bring the wind and bring the sun. Never leave it unattended to just sit in the dirt without your “elements.”

For the record: This tip brought peace to me in the less stressful way possible (where what I do and where I am trying to be with what I am doing is concerned).

I used to be satisfied (but exhausted and stressed) by feeling the need to do so many things all at once–kinda like coming from the laundromat with your baskets and bags of clothes and instead of taking your time grabbing a couple baskets and bags at a time, you take all 10 of your fingers and work your hands such that you’ve got bags and baskets under your chin, under both arms and in both hands—only to get in the house and sit for a while…

Well, had you just taken a bag and basket at a time; you could have gotten to the same destination at a more relaxed pace because the “while” was still there when you “got in the house and sat for a while,” anyway… (The added benefit to this way is that at least you got a little bit of exercise in between).

The moral of the story is something I read Stevie Wonder say: “A whole lot of little’s make a big lot-lots.”

Just show up (and do little: “lots”)…it eventually gets “big.”


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